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Quota Authentication

For a quota to take effect, a user must be authenticated to the Firebox, and match a configured policy. Quotas cannot be enforced if a user is able to access websites without authentication.

For groups, time and bandwidth limit totals are applied to each user in a group, and not as a total limit for the entire group.

Quota enforcement applies to local Firebox and external users and groups for all firewall, SSLVPN, IPSec, and L2TP sessions.

You can use the Hotspot-Users group to apply quotas for hotspot guest users.

To manage your authentication servers and the users and groups used in your policies:

  • Click Firebox Users/Groups to manage your authentication servers, including local Firebox authentication, and external authentication servers.
  • Click Authorized Users/Groups to manage the users and groups used in policies and aliases. The users or groups you add must match a user or group already configured on your authentication servers.

Authentication links on Quota Rules page in Fireware Web UI

Quotas page - Quota Rules tab
Authentication links on Quota Rules page in Policy Manager

For more information on authentication and adding users and groups, see Firewall Authentication.

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