Terms & Conditions

All active LiveSecurity® Service subscriptions include phone and web-based support, software updates and enhancements, and advanced hardware replacement (RMA).

Software and Services Support

WatchGuard provides technical support for the current software release of each model family and for the software release immediately preceding the current version of software.

Bug fixes are provided for the current release of software only.

WatchGuard provides signature updates for a software release for 12 months after the release of a newer version of software.

Product End of Life

The WatchGuard End-of-Life Policy contains model and support lifecycle information and includes valuable information on recommended hardware upgrades. Maintaining up to date hardware and software helps to ensure network integrity.

LiveSecurity® Service Reinstatement

WatchGuard requires continuous coverage of LiveSecurity® Service subscriptions. The LiveSecurity® Service subscription should be renewed before it expires to avoid any lapse in service. If the subscription has expired for more than 30 days, it is considered to be "out of compliance." There are two ways to renew LiveSecurity® Service:

  • Purchase a LiveSecurity® Service Reinstatement license and a 1-Year LiveSecurity Service Renewal.
  • Purchase a multi-year LiveSecurity® Service Renewal, or any Security Software Suite to waive the need for a LiveSecurity® Service Reinstatement.

LiveSecurity® Service coverage resumes the same day that the new LiveSecurity® Service renewal is activated.

Hardware Warranty – Advance Replacement

Advance Hardware Warranty Replacement is available with an active LiveSecurity® Service subscription. Once an RMA is approved by a WatchGuard technician, WatchGuard will ship replacement hardware via pre-paid, next-day airfreight to the requested address. Upon shipment of replacement hardware, customers have 15 days to return the failed hardware back to WatchGuard. If the failed hardware is not returned to WatchGuard within 15 days of the RMA shipment, WatchGuard will notify the contact associated with the account requesting the RMA and begin collections for the full amount of the replacement hardware. In addition, the account will be placed on credit hold until full payment has been received.

Hardware Warranty

All WatchGuard hardware include a one-year hardware warranty. For hardware that does not have an active LiveSecurity® Service subscription and is still within the hardware warranty period qualifies for a non-advance replacement RMA. In this instance upon approval from a WatchGuard technician, Customer Care will request the receipt of the defective hardware prior to processing the shipment of replacement hardware. Upon receipt of the failed hardware, Customer Care will process the shipment of replacement hardware via pre-paid, next-day airfreight to the address requested.

To obtain advanced replacement, see our How to Buy page for LiveSecurity® Service renewal purchase options.

Customers are responsible for customs fees and tariffs associated with the delivery of the replacement hardware, and return of the failed hardware, unless otherwise specified.

Routine RMA orders are filled on the day that they are received if the RMA is processed before 1:00 PM Pacific Time / 8:00 PM UTC, Monday through Friday.

Replacement hardware may be new, or like-new. In the event of hardware obsolescence, WatchGuard reserves the right to replace failed hardware with a model of like or better features and functionality.

WatchGuard will complete the transfer of the registration information and subscription services to the replacement hardware. The replacement hardware will include instructions for returning the failed hardware to WatchGuard. Please make sure that the RMA number is included with the returning shipment.

WatchGuard’s Hardware Warranty does not apply to any hardware that has been: (i) altered, repaired or modified by any party other than WatchGuard except for the replacement or inclusion of specified components authorized in, and performed in strict accordance with, documentation provided by WatchGuard; or (ii) damaged or destroyed by force majeure events, accidents, power spikes or similar events, or by any intentional, reckless or negligent acts or omissions of any party. More detailed information may be found in the Hardware Guide for your model. Any failed device returned to WatchGuard with broken warranty seals will be returned to the customer as-is. Technical Support programs shall not be available for devices determined to be altered, repaired, modified, lost, stolen, or damaged by accident, misuse, or unauthorized modification or installation.

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