Securing the Smart Factory

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Building opportunities with IIoT

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is an exciting new addition on many factory floors – and has the manufacturing sector enjoying sizable benefits. With IIoT, technologies like inventory monitoring, connected robotics, and asset location involve sensors attached to a physical device. The sensors collect data to drive artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, changing the way products are made and delivered and doing it with increased OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), better safety for their human operators, and significant cost savings. In fact, by 2020 the number of connected things is expected to reach 50 billion, returning an anticipated $19 trillion in cost-savings and profits (Newgen Apps).

New Challenges on the Factory Floor

For all its benefits however, a closer look reveals that IIoT shares the same pitfalls that have plagued the Internet of Things for so long; products packaged with bombastic innovation and – in very fine print – a cyber security footnote (“Security Sold Separately”). These devices are typically produced and purchased on the basis of cost – rather than cyber security – offering compelling new vectors of attack for cyber criminals. In fact, only 10% of IoT device manufacturers report feeling fully confident their devices have adequate security protocols in place (IoT For All).

So what can you do about it?

The appeal of IIoT is undeniable – as are the risks. In order to harness the potential of IIoT safely, organizations must look for products that anchor security to the innovation. WatchGuard solutions protect manufacturing facilities every day – from IIoT networks and endpoints to Wi-Fi and authentication. Chat with one of our Solution Consultants today – or download our free Manufacturing Resource Kit below – to learn more about securing your smart factory.

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  • Infographic: Securing the Smart Factory
  • Case Study: IKN GmbH
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Managing cyber security within the manufacturing sector is no small feat, but we’re here to help with these informative resources.

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