Stop Accidental Data Loss

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Thursday, September 19, 2013
Better Security Without the Risk: The Integrated DLP Solution

Data breaches are on the rise–and all businesses are vulnerable to attacks and data loss. With an average cost of $136 per exposed data record, organizations can't afford to let sensitive information leave their corporate networks.

Learn why accidental data loss is a bigger threat than hackers and malcontent insiders–and how to prevent it. In a live webinar, you'll discover how a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that integrates with your Unified Threat Management platform is the most effective way to prevent data loss.

View this webinar and learn:

  • How to simplify your data protection and reduce your TCO with a DLP solution that's integrated with a UTM platform ranked #1 in performance
  • How to instantly protect data and prevent compliance and regulatory violations that can top $5.4 million per breach
  • How to eliminate the risk of misconfiguration with a pre-configured library of over 200 rules that monitor multiple file types, standards, and data

You don't have to sacrifice performance to stop data loss. Learn how a flexible UTM platform will allow you to add DLP capabilities in one click-in this on-demand webinar from WatchGuard.

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