Securing the Distributed Enterprise


Understanding the Distributed Enterprise

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are becoming more distributed than ever before. In addition to securing the communications between a traditional corporate headquarters and remote employee sites, many Distributed Enterprises must also support multiple locations which operate like a typical small business. This relationship between a centralized entity and many independent business locations is especially common in the retail, hospitality, medical, and financial industries and creates very unique network security challenges.

Security Challenges

When it comes to network security, similar to traditional enterprise organizations, Distributed Enterprises must be able to secure communications between their various locations. However, when these remote locations are actually independent business sites, the ability to securely obtain and manage payment data, protect customer information, and secure public and private Wi-Fi networks also becomes critical.


Management & Visibility Challenges

For any Distributed Enterprise, the ability to secure is just half of the battle – centralized management and ongoing visibility are just as important. Being able to define centralized security policy is a must-have, and since technical expertise at remote locations is generally very rare, ease of deployment is critical. Once deployed, the ability to maintain visibility across the entire network is also important for compliance reporting, health monitoring, and business intelligence purposes.



WatchGuard Network Security for the Distributed Enterprise

Leveraging WatchGuard’s portfolio of Firebox® Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances and Wireless Access Points, Distributed Enterprises can easily configure, deploy, and manage consistent, enterprise-grade network security and secure wireless across all remote locations without the need for technical expertise at each location. In addition to providing best-of-class, easy-to-deploy security, WatchGuard’s actionable threat intelligence platform, WatchGuard Dimension, delivers centralized visibility across an organization’s entire network. This visibility is critical for tracking and managing network health, reporting on compliance mandates, identifying and combating possible network threats, and assisting with proactive business decision-making.

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Why WatchGuard for Securing the Distributed Enterprise

  • A Consolidated Approach – WatchGuard’s UTM appliances combine all of the best-of-class network security functions into a single, award-winning, high-performance platform. Providing enterprise-grade security, simplified.
  • Aggregated Visibility – WatchGuard Dimension provides a single, consolidated view into network traffic across all sites and connected devices. This visibility is critical for monitoring network heath, spotting vulnerabilities, reporting on compliance requirements, and developing business intelligence.
  • Centralized Management – WatchGuard provides a single pane of glass for managing networks and network-attached security appliances, thus making definition, deployment and management of centralized security policy easier and more cost effective than ever before.
  • Easy to Deploy –WatchGuard’s RapidDeploy feature enables IT administrators to preconfigure appliances for secure remote deployment, eliminating the need for technical staff to travel to each remote location for installation.
  • Secure Wireless – Every WatchGuard Firebox is also a central management controller for our WatchGuard Access Points. This not only extends our best-of-class UTM to the Wireless LAN but also offers network administrators a centralized way to deploy and manage both network security and wireless connectivity.


WatchGuard Solutions for the Distributed Enterprise

Every Firebox product comes standard with centralized visibility, centralized management, and easy deployment options, all of which solve the primary challenges faced by Distributed Enterprises.

Firebox T Series

Remote locations that require integrated wireless and discreet form factor, and have less than 35 devices connected during peak usage times.

Firebox M Series

Medium-sized locations that have the physical space to accommodate a 1U form factor, and have more than 35 devices connected during peak usage times.

Wireless APs

Wireless APs extend WatchGuard's enterprise-grade UTM security to employees, customers, and vendors. Pair an AP with a Firebox T35 or T55 and enjoy easy deployment through integrated PoE.


Dimension exposes network events and trends occurring at all locations, at all times, for all devices.


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