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Cisco Is Keeping Secrets

Cisco Meraki MX appliances only inspect HTTP traffic, so 90% of your network traffic bypasses security when going across HTTPS. Furthermore, they do not and will not support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3. Say Hasta La Vista to a firewall product that doesn’t actually secure your network!


Why is Cisco Meraki skipping firewall security tests?

Pssst… because they wouldn’t do well.

Cisco Meraki didn’t submit to the NSS Labs testing since they knew they would fail.

NSS Labs report screenshot with a red circle around WatchGuard M670

NSS Labs Results

The Cisco Meraki MX84 does not support HTTPS, indicated by N/A.
- Miercom

Miercom report showing the WatchGuard M270

Read Full Miercom Report

What do Cisco Meraki customers say when they learn the truth?

Don't just take our word for it! Read the Meraki Community Board discussion on HTTPS decryption:

Meraki Board Comment Screenshot

Meraki Board Comment Screenshot

Meraki Board Comment Screenshot

Read More >

Cisco Meraki is a networking company, not a security company!

Cisco Meraki is not set-up to support HTTPS inspection with the performance and security that WatchGuard can offer.

What to expect if Cisco Meraki was to add HTTPS inspection?

  • 80-95% decline in performance
  • Cisco added HTTPS without TLS 1.3 support (in beta), but it’s not good enough to secure your network

Find out why TLS 1.3 inspection is crucial!

“WatchGuard is not Cisco trying to be 18 different things, or Dell trying to be 38 different things. WatchGuard knows security—that's all they do. The UTM concept provides outstanding value, and WatchGuard excels at being easy-to-use, scalable, and flexible.”

Paul Graydon, VP Strategic Accounts, BlackPoint IT Services

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Smart Security, Simply Done. It’s the WatchGuard Difference.

  • The Google Transparency Report shows that 90% of Internet traffic flows over HTTPS – and so it’s imperative to deploy network security that inspects it. At WatchGuard, our expertise extends beyond networking. We understand the intricacies of network attacks and how to apply advanced security technology that prevents them from reaching your network.

  • We can solve the hard problems …like how to inspect HTTPS traffic for threats and at the same time support TLS 1.3, the latest in modern encryption technologies.

  • WatchGuard’s Firebox appliances offer the highest performance with all security enabled! Read the Miercom report >

  • WatchGuard’s Firebox appliances have nearly 3X the throughput of our closest competitor.

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