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With offices in the U.S. and India, Synerzip provides mid-sized software companies with Agile product development and QA/testing services. Synerzip strives to provide its customers with a seamless extension to their internal engineering resources that can reduce development costs by as much as 50 percent.

The Challenge

Collaborative product development across geographies and time zones requires secure, high-performance networking. Synerzip needs to ensure a high degree of network uptime and provide customers with complete confidence that sensitive data and content is protected in compliance with stringent government regulations like HIPAA.

In addition to its Dallas, Texas headquarters, Synerzip maintains a development center in Pune, India. With more than 280 employees spread across three offices, Synerzip has a complex network environment that encompasses 375 laptop and desktop computers, 300 mobile devices and 100 mobile testing devices. Network services include voice over IP (VoIP), network attached storage (NAS), publishing servers, IPSec and dialing virtual private networks (VPNs), an IP-based EPABX system and VLANs.

As far back as 2006, Synerzip utilized multiple circuits to provide Internet connectivity, including a 256 Kbps MPLS line, a 256 Kbps leased line and two 1 Mbps ADSL lines. Security became a major concern then, as users had unfettered access to any site on the Web and no restrictions on downloading and installing software. The company needed an appliance that would provide centralized network management and protection against malware threats.

Choosing WatchGuard

"At the time, we knew that our existing Cisco firewall wasn't sufficient to manage and secure our Internet connectivity," said Kiran Ratnakar, IT Manager, Synerzip. "We wanted a more capable appliance that provided secure Internet access for desktops and laptops, with easy-to-configure firewall policies."

After evaluating several alternatives, Kiran and his team eventually chose the WatchGuard Firebox® X700 for Synerzip's Pune development center. The combination of features and price made it the most attractive option. Offering WAN failover and load balancing, IPSec VPN, proxy policies, policy-based NAT's and Routes, gateway anti-virus and IPS, along with continuous reporting, the X700 was the single-box solution that Synerzip was looking for. Moreover, it was 30 percent cheaper than competing appliances.

That initial device was the beginning of a long run of using WatchGuard unified threat management (UTM) solutions. In 2011, the company deployed XTM 810 and XTM 535 next-gen firewalls. Integration of Websense with XTM appliances for URL filtering was another bigger advantage in terms of cost saving and best-in-class services.

Working with WatchGuard Secure Partner (WSP) Auriga, Synerzip was able to configure the X700 for its unique requirements. By mid- 2013, fast-growing Synerzip had more than 1,200 devices connected to the Internet, creating more demand for Internet bandwidth (STM1) and enhanced security. The company once again turned to WatchGuard, choosing the top-of-line, multi-gigabit XTM 2050 next-generation firewall. With a three-year security bundle, the XTM 2050 continues to provide Synerzip with great value and low cost of ownership.


WatchGuard solutions have helped Synerzip achieve the network performance and security it needs to keep customers happy and coming back. The company enjoys highly stable Internet access thanks to WatchGuard's ability to provide load balancing across ISPs and failover features.

The easy-to-understand management interface of XTM simplifies the configuration and troubleshooting. The straightforward GUI provides interactive feedback for tasks like creating an IPSec VPN. The WatchGuard System Manager provides users with real-time alerts.

And, with the new cloud-ready network security visibility solution, WatchGuard Dimension™, Synerzip can instantly isolate and distill important security issues and trends, speeding the ability to set security policies across their network. With ThreatMap, a key reporting option in Dimension, the team can easily gain visibility into dark areas of the network without having to review hours of log data.

WatchGuard products also helped Synerzip cut down on operational expenses. "Multiple ISP support has allowed us to utilize low-cost broadband connections for non-critical Internet connections. That's cut down our ISP cost by 50 percent. And, WatchGuard WebBlocker has reduced our overall bandwidth usage by 40 percent," said Kiran. Moreover, thanks to the Gateway AV provided by WatchGuard, Synerzip did not need to deploy desktop AV until 2010. "WatchGuard UTM products have played a key role in helping us earn the trust of our customers," said Kiran.



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We knew that our existing Cisco firewall wasn't sufficient to manage and secure our Internet connectivity. We wanted a more capable appliance that provided secure Internet access for desktops and laptops, with easy-to-configure firewall policies.

Kiran Ratnakar, IT Manager



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