Case Study - Raghunandan Industries


Raghunandan Industries’ staff productivity
improved by 20 percent with WatchGuard Web and Application Blocker

India’s leading commodity broking house has greatly benefitted as a WatchGuard customer since 2003.

Raghunandan Industries, located in North Indian town of Agra, encompasses more than 100 internal users and 600 plus remote users across India. Spread over five branches, hundreds of users access a network of data, video conferencing, lease line and VSAT connectivity from the commodity and stock exchanges of Raghunandan Industries.

“For a share broking company, the network is the critical backbone in providing the customer base the ability to make financial transactions. Many customers connect via Internet access to the trading platform and hence the server enables clients to execute transactions,” said Raj Kumar Sahu, IT Head, Raghunandan Industries.

With live risk management applications, the resilience and uptime of the server infrastructure for trade transactions in real time and within milliseconds during peak trading hours, was extremely crucial for Raghunandan Industries.

Overcoming Challenges

Trends in the security industry have evolved over the last three to five years. For instance, securing the network from powerful web 2.0 applications, employees smart phones, and increasing numbers of P2P programs are new challenges.

The biggest challenge is ensuring the server is running and also keeping it secure from attacks. “The server with best of antivirus often crashed—sometimes eight times a month. Unhappy clients meant lost business and a threat to the company reputation,” said Sahu. “Our team was working repeatedly to ensure the backup server was live—a tedious task. The prior NetGear firewall was a port forwarding and NAT device. But we were not able to protect the server from attacks and, with growing requirements, we were looking to scale up the solution.”

Choosing WatchGuard

After a consultation with Astek Networking and Solutions, a Watchguard firewall with complimentary security measures was deployed to overcome the business challenges of protecting the server and data, using bandwidth properly, automating backup plans and improving employee efficiency.

“The prime objectives in choosing WatchGuard were to secure our trading server from external threats, provide secure FTP access to customers and employees, as well as restrict users to specific type of websites,” Sahu said.

A WatchGuard customer for over a decade, every Raghunandan Industries deployment was executed in a smooth manner. The attractive features of WatchGuard UTM were hardware robustness and the unique policy manager concept.

“We can plan the policies offline and upload them live without any downtime. The easy upgrading and the migration of the configuration file met our security requirements,” said Sahu.

Multiple Benefits

The IT infrastructure at Raghunandan Industries has benefited in more than one way with WatchGuard.

“The network scaling from unmanaged to managed network and the data rates increasing from 100MBPS to 1GBPS led to enhanced productivity. In fact, productivity at our company improved by 20 percent with the help of WebBlocker and Application Control,” said Sahu.

WatchGuard helped the company meet the compliance-related issues required for the BFSI Vertical.

“Post WatchGuard deployment, we have not yet encountered a security breach,” said Sahu.

After installation of the first WatchGuard appliance in 2003, this leading commodity broking house continues to upgrade and add new appliances, including the enterprise model XTM 810.

About Supporting Partner

Astek Networking & Solutions is the implementation partner providing end-to-end solutions since 2003, at the time when Raghunandan Industries was establishing its niche in the market. Astek helped the company’s security posture by listening to their requirements. They understood the challenges and recommended WatchGuard solutions with technical comparatives against other available vendor solutions.



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The network scaling from unmanaged to managed network and the data rates increasing from 100MBPS to 1GBPS led to enhanced productivity. In fact, productivity at our company improved by 20 percent with the help of WebBlocker and Application Control.

Raj Kumar Sahu, IT Head,
Raghunandan Industries



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