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Network Security from WatchGuard Makes Big Splash at Piscines Desjoyaux


Piscines Desjoyaux specializes in the design and construction of swimming pools, and has installed over 120,000 pools worldwide. Today the company employs 5,000 staff, and operates over 500 sales centers across five continents.

The Challenge

IT systems at Desjoyaux included Windows Active Directory domain and file servers, and Lotus messaging servers. The cost/performance ratio was no longer satisfactory, while the setup failed to meet the company's growing security requirements.

"When we arrived, we found an old 128K network linking the branches with the head office. The stores were unhappy with both how slow it was and the fact that costs had risen," recalls Fayçal Guetarni at Allcom, the systems integrator working with Desjoyaux.

Desjoyaux's chief information officer, André Blanco, decided to simplify everything and to retake control of the system. His challenge was to migrate from a managed system (including security) to traditional ADSL and fiber optic links, while maintaining security and improving flexibility.

The Watchguard® Solution

"We chose WatchGuard for the quality of its products and the commitment of its team," Blanco explained. "We opted for standard ADSL [Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line] links with GTR for our stores, and for a fiber optic/SDSL [Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line] connection to the data center where our Enterprise Resource Planning system is hosted. All of these connections are now protected by WatchGuard boxes at each end."

The four external SAP servers are connected to head office by an SDSL/fiber optic link, with a WatchGuard Firebox X appliance at each location, forming an IPSec tunnel that is fully controlled by the CIO. "Controlling our IPSec tunnel means we can change our data center much more easily if necessary," he continued.

At present, Desjoyaux has deployed three WatchGuard X750e appliances for firewall, anti-spam, and VPN between the head office and the data center, plus an additional twelve X10e appliances at its remote sites, which are used to form a VPN tunnel.


In addition to having more flexibility to make changes at the data center, having control over all security equipment offers far greater flexibility in terms of access management. "For example, we've set up a complete PC with SAP on-site at one of our contractors, and have been able to create a specific tunnel just for them that we control entirely," adds Guetarni.

For the stores, replacing the old 128K VPN with a traditional ADSL line (with much higher bandwidth) has made the system far more user-friendly for staff. The stores are usually independently managed, but connect to the head office to exchange files. A high-speed link is therefore far more practical, but would have been much more expensive if Desjoyaux has stayed with its managed VPN.

Even mobile staff benefited from the security of a WatchGuard solution because of the SSL VPN support. "SSL means compatibility issues between IPSec clients and devices are easily resolved. And changing SSL VPN access rules is far simpler than on an IPSec tunnel, where policies must be pushed to remote posts," Guetarni concluded.

VPN authentication is currently carried out locally through the WatchGuard appliances. In the future though, Blanco plans to add them to the company's Active Directory.

About Piscines Desjoyaux

Desjoyaux designs and builds swimming pools. It all began in 1966, when Jean Desjoyaux built his first family pool by hand, to try and share his idea of wellbeing with friends, children, and loved ones. And what could be more satisfying than bringing pleasure to people's lives and hearing laughter ring out from back gardens flashing blue in the sunshine? The Desjoyaux company was built on this principle of sharing, and has grown to be the world's largest in-ground swimming pool manufacturer, installing 14,000 pools each year worldwide. The company's success lies in its pioneering of two exclusive concepts (the mono-block structure and pipeless filtration system), the way it applies quality craftsmanship at an industrial level, and the infinite possibilities it offers in terms of shapes, options, and equipment.

About Allcom

Founded in September 1999 by two young entrepreneurs from the Grenoble region of France, Allcom works to make technology and IT accessible to all businesses. It employs the latest technological developments to offer cutting-edge solutions in each of its projects. Allcom manages all its clients' needs, from strategy, acquisition, and system management, to maintenance, ongoing assistance, security, and productivity optimization. Allcom's philosophy is to free up its clients's time so that they can concentrate on their core business, and not their IT systems. Expert technicians are able to assist clients with each of their decisions, plans, and projects, and it is this expertise that has enabled Allcom to become a highly respected business among small to medium-sized businesses, institutions, government authorities, and large companies.



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We chose WatchGuard for the quality of its products and the commitment of its team.

André Blanco, Chief Information Officer



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