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WatchGuard Secures Malaysia's National Library into the Digital Age

The National Library of Malaysia is a key public service delivery infrastructure, responsible for the collection of information knowledge both online and offline to some 100,000 users annually. The National Library of Malaysia which is under Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia houses some 600 staff across its various sites, which include its headquarters, and state and community libraries located in Kuala Lumpur and Perlis. ln line with its vision to be a world class leader in library development and services by the year 2020, the library has been expanding both its operations and content delivery extensively – thus requiring a scalable and secure IT network solution to monitor and manage both its public and private networks.


The incorporation of multiple digital portals led the National Library to implement a new network security solution that was interoperable with some existing infrastructure, yet secure, scalable and easy-to-manage across private and public networks across its headquarters and interstate branches. The expansion plans required the IT team to consolidate all security services and applications under one unified dashboard for increased visibility and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Security services such as Application Control and URL filtering were needed to prevent the abuse of Internet bandwidth and the surfing of inappropriate websites by the users of their network. Email security concerns, such as preventing spam attacks and leaking confidential data from the National Library, were also key issues which they needed to mitigate with a content security solution.

Implementing WatchGuard

From pre-sales to implementation, the National Library IT team has been satisfied with the customer support provided by WatchGuard. Unlike large multi-national corporations, the National Library had an IT personnel team that comprised only seven individuals- each responsible for operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting the entire network. With good technical expertise, WatchGuard was able to diagnose and respond quickly whenever issues arose.

With a new administrative building currently in construction, WatchGuard's scalability options were also a key factor in accommodating the growing capacity of some 600 workstation staff and 700 daily visitors to the Library.

Three WatchGuard products were employed to meet the Library's needs. The XTM 1500 Series supplies Application Control, WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, firewall, and spam filtering while the XTM 5 Series isolates the network in order to provide Free Wi-Fi access for public users in the library and protect the network with IPS, WebBlocker and Gateway AntiVirus. The final link is XCS 3 Series which provides the Email Content Security Gateway to prevent massive spam attacks and to impose Data Loss Prevention policies.


One of the main functions of the National Library of Malaysia is content delivery, and with the National Library's mandate to evolve into a hub for digital content, WatchGuard's one­ box unified threat management approach ensured a safe environment for its daily users – some 700 users accessing digital content from within the library or from their homes. Its latest feature, WatchGuard Dimension™, further adds value by consolidating and analysing the data into easy-to-read graphs and visuals for further action and reporting.

A member of the library's IT personnel commented, "WatchGuard Dimension's Executive Dashboard allows us to monitor all activity from a single interface, so we are able to act upon and protect under-aged users from inappropriate content such as pornography, gaming and alcohol content. This increased visibility means that with one click, we are able to detect the exact device and either moderate or disconnect its usage."

"More importantly, the dashboard's visual reports are easy to understand, making it easy for us to explain issues and show progress to corporate management who are not so IT savvy," he added.

Another key area that impressed was the reduction in time spent on troubleshooting issues. By integrating all its security solutions into one box, pinpointing the source of technical errors had become far more straightforward. "In the past, we had to diagnose problems through trial and error as the security components were all separate. WatchGuard's UTM approach and its interoperability with our existing infrastructure have saved us countless valuable hours," he concluded.

Disclaimer: The circumstances and situations reflected in the case study are proprietary to the live working environment at The National Library of Malaysia. The National Library shall not be held liable for any irregularities of these features in different environments and circumstances.



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We needed a solution that could help monitor and scale content development in a secured environment.

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