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WatchGuard secures and increases productivity for GlobalHunt across distributed offices

GlobalHunt is a global recruitment agency providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies that span across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American markets. With a multi-faceted team of consultants and equipped with the newest technological advancements and techniques, the company provides extensive quality assurance to build a cohesive professional group covering a wide spectrum of industrial practices.

The company relies on their IT setup for delivering the services to their clients. IT services, and network and information security are very critical components for the business.


Internet connectivity, network security and secure VPN are crucial mandates to enhance employee productivity and business operations for a modern-day organization with distributed offices. For GlobalHunt India Pvt. Ltd., a global recruitment agency offering wide range of recruitment and selection services across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American markets, the Internet is the backbone of their operations. Globally interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of various aspects of multinational and local business- and industry-specific demands form the core of the business at GlobalHunt.

The Delhi headquartered company was fast expanding its Pan India presence since 2007. With the frequent change in the threat landscape, GlobalHunt, like most companies, was concerned about network security across the IT infrastructure. Employees are spread across different cities in India, so the users’ requirement to stay connected securely was the need of the hour.

The Challenge

Issues Are Nothing New, but the Threats Continue to Grow

In 2007, the Fortinet firewall at GlobalHunt needed replacement as the IT team was facing continuous issues and the support was not up to the mark. The major pain points that the GlobalHunt IT team was facing were slow Internet connectivity, traffic monitoring, and spam. The 40-employee GlobalHunt company was on a rapid expansion spree to increase its workforce seven-fold in the coming years. For employees to work from branch offices or home, a robust solution delivering secure inter-branch connectivity with a seamless VPN experience for users was top of the list.

“Our company was more concerned about the IT solutions for the past few years as we wanted new technology to enhance our business operations. Our employees need to be online at all times and access the internal system from anywhere and anytime to ensure customer responsiveness. The secure connectivity of BOVPN (Branch Office Virtual Private Network) is the cornerstone of a security solution,” says Jagdish Chandra, Manager IT at GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd.

Choosing WatchGuard

GlobalHunt was seeking to replace their existing firewall with one that offers all-inclusive security with ‘best-of-breed’ technology as well as easy and secure connectivity for their branch offices and remote users. “Besides being easily manageable for our IT team, the solution had to be within our budget limit,” says Chandra. “The challenges we were looking to solve were ease of branch office connectivity, VPN for home users, and controlling user’s free access to websites and downloads.”

After evaluating various options and extensive POCs, GlobalHunt opted for WatchGuard. The prime reason to choose WatchGuard was their latest technology with industry-leading set of security features such as web security, IPS, anti-spam, including BOVPN. “This was very much in line with our business requirements,” says Chandra. “We are happy with our decision of switching to WatchGuard as we got more than what we were looking for in a security solution. A well-defined product roadmap for future up-gradations ensured better ROI.”

“Deploying WatchGuard XTM was a simple installation process at GlobalHunt. Setting up VPN was like child’s play as WatchGuard ‘Drag-and-Drop’ feature took only a few seconds,” informs Chandra.

The entire security infrastructure runs on WatchGuard with eight offices (with an average of 50 users per branch and 150+ Internet users in HO) of GlobalHunt connected through eight WatchGuard firewalls with BOVPN. The security network has one appliance at each of the locations – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.
WatchGuard’s new threat management security appliances deliver enhanced security with added features such as RapidDeploy, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and WatchGuard Dimension™ – the real-time network visibility tool. “The few e-Series models where the subscription renewal is due in the coming months are planned to be upgraded with WatchGuard appliances,” Chandra says.


GlobalHunt India has been a WatchGuard customer for over eight years now.

The business at GlobalHunt gained better control and network visibility with WatchGuard Application Control as it enabled policy-based monitoring, tracking and blocking of applications through setting up effective policies to restrict users’ access to websites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. during work hours.

The granular control and the flexibility to selectively allow, block or restrict access to applications based on the nature of job, department, etc. made it simple to create and enforce the right policies for the users. “The sales department is allowed access only for LinkedIn while HR and marketing are allowed full access to social media websites,” says Chandra.

“This reduced bandwidth usage considerably and resulted in substantial cost savings, besides enhanced employee productivity as the company’s entire workflow depends on the Internet. We can see in real time as to what is being accessed and by whom in the network, which helped in re-aligning policies time to time,” he adds.

Another significant change witnessed within their IT infrastructure was the seamless point-to-point connectivity accessed by the users though a secure VPN. WatchGuard firewall deployment, in fact, helped the organization to grow its operations across various cities. “Today, multiple VPNs run over the firewall that securely connect users spread across offices in eight cities,” says Chandra.

About Supporting Partner

Data Secure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi-based leading IT solution provider. They have been instrumental in suggesting the right fit for all security requirements at GlobalHunt and assisting the company for over last eight years. As a WatchGuard Secure Partner they are fully trained on WatchGuard security solutions to ensure a smooth implementation. The highly skilled team is capable of ensuring timely technical support both remotely and on-site.



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Deploying WatchGuard XTM was a simple installation process at GlobalHunt. Setting up VPN was like child's play as WatchGuard 'Drag-and-Drop' feature took only a few seconds.

Jagdish Chandra, Manager IT,
GlobalHunt India Pvt. Ltd.



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