Case Study - Fletchers Solicitors

Case Closed: Law Firm Chooses WatchGuard as Its Security Solution


Personal injury cases are no problem with Fletchers Solicitors – a law firm focusing on personal injury since 1987. Starting with nine employees, the law firm has grown to now over 400 employees across two sites, including a headquarters in Southport and a branch in Manchester. Throughout the years, Fletchers Solicitors built a reputation not only focusing on personal injury but also motorcycle accidents and medical negligence.

Fletchers serves many clients and because of that, the protection of their client data is a necessity to the health of their business. Protecting their client data is one thing but to also remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which carries a fine for organizations that fail to conform with compliance mandates, prompted Fletchers to look for an easy-to-use and powerful security solution.

“The biggest threat for us would be for our network to become compromised and suffer a data leak. As such, we want to do all we can to mitigate the potential for us getting hit so that we don’t suffer the financial and reputational damage that would result from a breach,” said Chris Bentley, senior security engineer at Fletchers.


Having already owned WatchGuard appliances, the law firm wanted to take full advantage of all the features and services that WatchGuard had to offer. “Unfortunately, today it is not a question of if you will get attacked, but when. Whilst we already had an estate of appliances from WatchGuard, they were not optimally configured due to the limited knowledge base we had internally,” admitted Chris. “We decided to engage with network security specialist Sec-1 to ensure we were properly utilizing WatchGuard’s full functionality and were enhancing our defense against new and emerging threats.”

To protect both offices, Fletchers opted to add M300 Firebox appliances and AuthPoint (multi-factor authentication) to further secure their network. Complete with Total Security Suite, Fletchers was fully protected and most importantly, given peace of mind knowing they are optimizing all the features to help them safeguard their networks. These features allowed Fletchers to detect today’s most sophisticated attacks and protect future threats from happening.

“Installing WatchGuard’s Firebox M300 and Total Security Suite has provided us with more visibility of network traffic and an early warning system of potential attacks; all wrapped up in a very lightweight solution that doesn’t drain valuable resources,” reflected Chris.

Securing wireless connections, especially for their branch office, is important as well. To add an additional layer of security, Fletchers integrated wireless protection to its branch office using the AP120 Wi-Fi access points. This provided Fletchers enterprise-grade functionality at a fraction of the cost.


Connecting the offices together with Firebox appliances, Wi-Fi access points and AuthPoint helped the Fletchers’ offices remain secure and protected from future attacks. Further implementing the full range of features in Total Security Suite are protecting Fletchers’ client data, their most valuable asset.

“I am a WatchGuard fan. I have been a customer for ten years or more and never considered any other solution when we decided to modernize our information security armory,” enthused Chris. “WatchGuard’s solutions are easy to configure, provide rock-solid protection at an attractive price point and boast industry-leading reliability.”


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