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Eurokars Achieves the Balance of Price and Performance with WatchGuard


Established in Singapore in 1985, the Eurokars Group of Companies is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic distributors of premium automotive brands in Singapore. Founded by renowned entrepreneur, Mr Karsono Kwee, the Group's rapid expansion over the last 25 years has been built on sales, marketing and brand excellence as well as their focus on customer service and after-sales support.

The Group's stable of cars in Singapore includes Porsche, Rolls Royce, Mini, Opel and SAAB. In Indonesia, they distribute Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Saab ,BMW, Mazda and 3M car Products. Eurokars employs 250 people in Singapore and 200 in Indonesia. They maintain an impeccable reputation - providing unbeatable customer care and high quality vehicle service from a well-trained staff.


Before WatchGuard, the Group was using a combination of small business solutions including fixed phone lines and ADSL to facilitate communications. Security solutions within the organization were rudimentary and ad-hoc.

With more than 200 end users spread across 6 sites located in Singapore, the Group was weighed down with fragmented multi-vendor firewalls and security solutions from Sonicwall that were becoming burdensome to administer and maintain. The image of the IT department was tainted by a high volume of user complaints, frequent downtime and costly investments for a SME company.

When Francis Lim joined the Eurokars Group, his first high priority task was to consolidate and upgrade the Group's connectivity with the best network security solution. "There were just too many independent security products and solutions that were lagging and couldn't cope with the Group's growth and advancement," said Francis Lim, Group IT Manager.

The Group has been growing steadily over the years and needed a scalable security solution that would grow with them while providing the best balance between cost and performance.

The WatchGuard Solution

For Francis, who is an IT professional with a substantial IT infrastructure background that includes supporting Cisco network communications, the network security choice was obvious after being introduced to WatchGuard solutions. During POC, WatchGuard proved to be robust, easy to deploy and manage, clearly achieving an optimum balance in performance and costs. Flexible management tools from WatchGuard enable IT administrators to manage security from a centralized console.

The company deployed a Core X750e two XTM 505 appliances. By connecting headquarters and satellite offices via a virtual private network (VPN), business always operates as normal with zero network downtime. With WatchGuard network security appliances deployed, reliability and integrity of the network is further enhanced. WatchGuard appliances combine the power of a traditional firewall with blazing fast throughput and security subscriptions like spamBlocker and WebBlocker for a complete unified threat management (UTM) solution.

"Implementing the WatchGuard solution was a breeze. The policy setting and system configuration is easy because it is all very logical and straightforward," Francis added. "It only took four or five days to complete the implementation across all of our offices."

The real-time monitoring and rich reporting features built into the system give Francis constant visibility and control of the traffic on his network."


The WatchGuard network security solution was exactly what was needed. With the solution in place, the Group's network now operates at maximum efficiency with consistent connectivity. "The best feedback is when we don't hear any complaints from our users. That's when we know everything is working well," said Francis. "Ever since we've been using WatchGuard, users can see the difference. This has helped us garner a good reputation for the IT department making it more efficient and effective for us to implement upgrades and changes with full cooperation from end users."

Performance and Costs Balance Achieved

Thanks to intuitive and easy to use management tools, it only takes a small team of IT administrators to finely tune the WatchGuard security solution. Policies can be set and amended by the Group IT manager easily and without technical complexities. A team of four IT professionals in Singapore and two in Indonesia manage the WatchGuard appliances with little trouble.

Network Security and Reliability Assured

WatchGuard's dynamic OS is constantly upgraded to deliver exceptional protection against today's sophisticated and ever evolving security threats, while ensuring that the business remains connected. According to Francis, WatchGuard's solutions ensure that his network is always up and running. This means less time, money and effort spent on rebooting and rebuilding systems.

Network Security Management Made Easy

Not only are the WatchGuard appliances easy to deploy, management and security updates are achieved without any hassle. WatchGuard's detailed analytics and real-time reporting make for easy monitoring and granular control of the security system. The central management available with WSM (WatchGuard System Manager) makes WatchGuard much easier to use than competitors' products.



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The best feedback is when we don't hear any complaints from our users. That's when we know everything is working well.

Francis Lim, IT Manager,
Eurokars Group of Companies



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