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Leading manufacturer sees a 40 percent increase in productivity with WatchGuard

Maharashtra Seamless Ltd (MSL), the flagship of the D.P. Jindal Group, is the leading manufacturer of Seamless Pipes and Tubes in India. MSL is well known for providing the finest and widest product range, using the world-renowned CPE* technology, to produce pipe up to 7” outside diameter (OD), acquired through technical know-how from MANNESMANN HUTTENTECHNIK Gmbh, Germany and the Plug Mill Process for manufacturing larger diameter up to 14” OD Seamless Pipes.

Jindal Pipes Limited (JPL), a pioneer in the pipe industry, is synonymous with India’s best ERW, Galvanized and Black Steel Pipes. Since its inception in 1970, the company has brought dramatic developments in pipe manufacturing through its many innovative measures.

Customer Background

Manufacturing is a highly process-driven and employee-centric industry with a constant demand for the highest levels of productivity. Gurgaon-based D.P. Jindal Group, known for its renowned brands Maharashtra Seamless Ltd (MSL) and Jindal Pipes Limited (JPL), banked on its efficient employees to ensure seamless factory operations and to stay ahead of competition.

Five years ago, MSL and JPL witnessed unprecedented market demand. The company needed to introduce more sophisticated state-of-the-art technical know-how and a highly motivated skilled workforce to augment its production capacity.

The combination of a robust IT roadmap at the back end with a productive employee force at the forefront was the core focus of the management team at D.P. Jindal Group.

The Pain Points

During 2009–2010, D.P. Jindal Group faced the challenge of extracting more productivity from the employees across its multi-location presence. “Many employees were spending time on everything else but not concentrating on work. The Internet was a deterrent for official work as they often indulged in personal agenda items including chatting, social media, and online stock trading during office hours,” said Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Head IT, D.P. Jindal Group.

Furthermore, according to Sharma, the Internet bandwidth often got choked for priority tasks at the work place. Employee productivity was a big concern as this was resulting in loss of productive man hours to the company.

The IT team at D.P. Jindal Group also realised the importance of secure connectivity of branch offices to secure crucial data in motion.

ISS Proventia, the existing solution in the network, proved to be ineffective in addressing these challenges and there was a pressing need for a more comprehensive and reliable solution. Security solutions from leading vendors including WatchGuard and Fortinet were analysed at the customer site. “We were keen for a full-fledged UTM to deliver VPN connectivity from site to site and an application control feature which is not complicated yet effective,” he recalled.

Choosing WatchGuard

WatchGuard was selected after detailed analysis of various products. The key differentiators of the products are that they were easy to maintain, user friendly and a more cost effective solution over competitive offerings. “We heard worthy words about WatchGuard and its unique features from our implementing partner Versatile Infosecurity,” said Sharma.

WatchGuard’s feature around VPN connectivity was a clincher, too. “VPN connectivity between the sites was executed in an efficient manner without much down time or any disruption. Another striking feature was Application Control that led us to upgrade to the XTM Series,” he said.

WatchGuard’s multiple XTM appliances secure the eight locations and corporate centre at Gurgaon of D.P. Jindal Group. The complete UTM bundle is now installed at all the locations.

Multiple Benefits

Implementing WatchGuard for the first time since 2009 with upgrades has been beneficial across the multiple locations connected through Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Internet. “Besides the corporate network becoming more secure, we saw improved employee productivity across various departments of over 40% within the first few months of deployment,” said Sharma.

The Application Control feature also saved huge bandwidth as the users were restricted from accessing social media and other non-productive websites. The bandwidth usage savings were over 50% as employees did not utilise the corporate network for personal work.

“More than 500 employees actively use the secure Internet across various departments at any given point in time. There have been no untoward security incidents to date,” he added.

The offshore clients were often keen to know the security parameters of the infrastructure of D.P. Jindal Group. Sharma said, “WatchGuard UTM drastically improved the brand image of D.P. Jindal Group as the clients feel more confident with the best-in-class security solutions from WatchGuard in place.”

D.P. Jindal Group was certified as an IT secure company in the threat analysis done by E&Y last year. The company is exploring DLP across the organisation to further strengthen their security position.

About Supporting Partner

The deployment executed by WatchGuard Security Partner (WSP) Versatile Infosecurity played an important role in the decision making for the IT team at D.P. Jindal.

D.P. Jindal Group has known Versatile for the past five years as an expert in the security domain. “Their technical know-how about security products, the UTM space and WatchGuard is simply tremendous,” said Sharma. “The team at Versatile Infosecurity has always shown prompt response and extended support to D.P. Jindal Group. They are also keen to suggest new tools and solutions to further secure our network.”

*Cross Roll Piercing and Elongation



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Besides the corporate network becoming more secure, we saw improved employee productivity across various departments of over 40% within the first few months of deployment.

Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Head IT,
D.P. Jindal Group



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