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Diadora was established in 1948 as a small workshop making climbing boots, and soon earned a reputation for excellence in the Italian market. Over the years, Diadora continued to build on its early success, diversifying into sportswear and developing production techniques to meet the demanding standards of modern athletes worldwide. Today, the company's products are focused on sports such as tennis, football, running, and cycling, and it continues to emphasize the brand's strong positive associations. The Heritage range and the upmarket D.lux product line, in particular, are renowned for their high quality, attention to detail, and use of innovative materials.

The Challenge

Diadora was making increasing use of the Internet, and its head office needed online interfaces with its three subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, and Hong Kong, and the twelve stores in Italy. It also needed to upgrade its firewall, which was no longer keeping pace with its expanding corporate network.

The company's main priority was to find a product that would protect it against web attacks and viruses, adapt to changes in the network, and place it on a strong and sound footing from an IT point of view.

Diadora began evaluating five products, ranging from the market leader to one which was little known, on the basis of such criteria as impact on information systems structure, flexibility, ease of use, and technical specifications. At this stage, cost was not a factor.

One solution was immediately ruled out, on the grounds that it was new to the market and had obvious reliability issues. Another two were excluded from consideration after a couple of months of testing because their functionality was too limited for the company's needs.

The last product to be excluded had no particular shortcomings, but was expensive to operate, particularly in terms of rule implementation and log verification. Both of these were important issues for Diadora, and speed and simplicity were of the essence.

Ultimately, WatchGuard® proved the obvious choice when it came to resolving the company's security issues. It was the ideal answer: a single flexible, reliable product comprising a firewall and virus, spyware, spam, and intrusion protection.

The WatchGuard® Solution

The company's system consists of an iSiries AS400 main server, a number of related management support services, and all the additional components - web and applications servers, email, SAN, NAS - which, since the mid-1990s, have become essential to any fast-growing company dependent on providing a reliable service to its customers.

Diadora installed one Firebox® X 500 appliance and two fault-tolerant Firebox X Core™ appliances for the 300-plus users at its Italian headquarters in Caerano San Marco, near Treviso. These offered Voice over IP support, and were used for data sharing and VoIP traffic with the company's UK, Spanish, and Hong Kong subsidiaries, and its Italian stores. Their flexibility and reliability made them ideal for monitoring and protecting the corporate network, and WatchGuard worked closely with Diadora to resolve its security issues.


The company is highly satisfied with the WatchGuard appliances, which have provided a secure, high-performance data and voice interface with its subsidiaries and stores.

"We have a ramified and well-defined network, and the WatchGuard appliances adapted to its standard configurations quickly and without any complications," says Marco Pozzobon of Diadora's systems department. "Other products were not able to do this. The WatchGuard products were extremely reliable from the moment they were installed, and there's also been one unexpected advantage - they've never malfunctioned."

In just two hours the company had a new firewall, and could monitor logs in real time and change rules and settings to adapt the product to its needs. It also received excellent support from WatchGuard.

"The solution has given us highly sophisticated logging and reporting functions that can immediately identify and resolve any network security problems," Pozzobon continues. "It works efficiently and doesn't need monitoring. WatchGuard always came across as very attentive both to our needs and the challenges of the Internet, and we appreciated this. They worked in partnership with us to make sure our IT was secure and that we met the objectives we'd set for ourselves."



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The WatchGuard products were extremely reliable from the moment they were installed, and there's also been one unexpected advantage - they've never malfunctioned.

Marco Pozzobon, IT Department



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