Case Study - Café Comunicação Integrada

Marketing Agency Chooses WatchGuard as Its Security Partner


At Café Comunicação Integrada, the word Café embodies the philosophy that marketing is a cup of coffee complemented with biscuits representing the ingredients necessary for an enjoyable brand experience. As a full-service marketing agency, Café Comunicação Integrada delivers creative design services, advertising, marketing strategy expertise and brand activation to clients throughout Brazil.

The agency already knew that they needed a way to connect their two locations in Brazil via a secure VPN connection. However, a new challenge appeared when the agency was attacked by ransomware. They knew they not only needed to have a reliable back-up solution in place but were interested in finding a way to prevent future ransomware attacks as well. The attack impacted the servers, affecting payment of more than 900 employees and other pertinent business expenses. “We always thought that this ransomware trend wouldn't affect us, that we could work it out in case of an attack and (most importantly) that our backup systems would be a safe bet,” reflected Luís Henrique Tetsuo Abeno de Mambro, IT manager at Café Comunicação Integrada. Luis and his team quickly learned that they needed something else in place to protect their employees and customers from these attacks.


Originally, the agency used their existing WatchGuard T30 and M200 firewalls with Basic Security Suite for the VPN solution. When the ransomware attack hit, the company almost experienced financial losses including fines for not meeting its deadlines. As a result, the agency upgraded their firewalls to WatchGuard Total Security Suite, featuring Threat Detection & Response (TDR). TDR is a set of critical malware defense tools that have display threat indicators from Fireboxes and the WatchGuard Host Sensors to stop known, unknown and evasive threats.

At first, Luis noticed, “TDR was initially consuming most of the resources of the appliance as it was detecting and remediating the ransomware threats. Once the attacks were under control, the consumption went down. Overall the ease of use, Cloud and traffic control, and integration with the technology on site makes this a valuable solution for our company.”

By implementing TDR quickly and easily, the agency was able to stop the ransomware from spreading. Its ease of use, configuration and overall visibility into threats on the network and endpoint made this feature a beneficial one to Luis and the company. “TDR allowed us to restore a clean backup that kept the work flowing. We did not even think to look for another vendor solution. TDR helped us stop the attack we were under from all sides, not only from the outside, but the files we tried to restore as well,” explained Luis. After the deployment of TDR, there were over 900 threats stopped.


After deploying their newly upgraded WatchGuard solutions, Café Comunicação Integrada was able to increase employee productivity and realign resources while improving their network security. TDR has made a significant impact on the agency’s security, effectively lowering the number of threats almost immediately. From the initial purpose of deploying WatchGuard for its secure VPN solution, to now protecting against ransomware and other threats, the agency is taking initiatives to continually secure and upgrade the security of their business.

“With the help of the WatchGuard team and the partner team, the Host Sensor was able to stop the ransomware from disseminating itself and encrypting sensitive data,” reflected Luis. “Nowadays the incidents have stopped, and everything is under control, thanks to WatchGuard TDR and the Host Sensor.”


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