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Ajuba Finds Speed, Security, and Compliance with WatchGuard


In the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry, speed coupled with security is an important criterion. The network not only needs to be secure from various threats, but also must be able to handle the load as new users are continually added. Hence Ajuba began hunting for a high performance firewall with excellent VPN throughput, and just as important, one that meets regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in a BPO environment is continuous availability of business applications. Meeting regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, is mandatory. In an industry where time is money, application access speed is a vital concern. Therefore, the firewall must be high-performing, with seamless integration and scalability.

As the systems could not be shut down, the deployment had to be done during a scheduled maintenance downtime and therefore the installation and configuration was time-restricted.

Choosing WatchGuard

Ajuba is a long-standing WatchGuard customer, and has upgraded their network security over the last decade as the organization grew. In the latest upgrade, they moved up to the XTM 810 in high availability (HA) mode, as the organization required even greater performance with zero downtime. Having explored various options, Ajuba once again zeroed in on WatchGuard to meet these challenges. They decided to upgrade to XTM 810 in an HA pairing. This ensured that there was effective fault tolerance and maximum uptime.

Ease of installation and configuration enabled a smooth transition of the boxes, with setup accomplished in less than four hours.


WatchGuard firewalls helped maintain HIPAA compliance. This has helped Ajuba to gain the trust and confidence of their customers.

Application access improved appreciably after the XTM 810 boxes were installed. A firewall throughput of 4.5 Gbps and VPN throughput of 1 Gbps made application access seamless.

The XTM 810 solution not only serves as a firewall with great performance, it also provides security through Gateway AV, content and URL filtering, IPS and more, to ensure total protection.

Ajuba also liked WatchGuard's unique advantage of scaling the same box to accommodate more users without replacing it. Future upgrades through software keys will enable them to add more users without costly hardware upgrades.

Ease of configuration and trouble-shooting enabled IT to plan and implement customized policies according to the organization's needs and mandates.

Centralized management enabled administering firewalls across multiple clients easy.

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Security, connectivity, and availability of our business applications made us bank on WatchGuard for over a

Anand Chetty, Senior Manager,
Ajuba Solutions



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