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Founded in 1976, SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) operates three year-round film screening facilities – in addition to an annual, multi-week film festival – throughout Seattle, Washington. With the industry adoption of new technology to streamline processes – such as mobile POS (Point of Sales) and wireless film transfer between locations – SIFF has made significant operational changes to keep pace with cinema’s evolution. However, much of this valuable new tech relies on access to a strong wireless network, which unfortunately SIFF’s previous infrastructure could not provide. Read more...
Akbar’s Restaurants felt efficiency and revenue could be greatly increased by introducing a tablet-based EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system, enabling staff to take orders electronically at each table and transmit them directly to the kitchen. This way, orders would arrive to the kitchen in seconds, and all items ordered would be automatically updated into the till payment system. No delay, no lost orders. Cliff Gurdin, who manages IT at Akbar's, takes up the story: “We felt that for the EPOS system to work, Akbar’s needed a really solid Wi-Fi mesh network in each of their sites. And from a central management perspective, we advised they should have a remote support and monitoring capability.” Read more...
Hospitality is what makes Red Carnation tick. A family-owned and run business, it offers luxury, award-winning boutique hotels around the world. Its mantra: to provide guests with the best possible hospitality and most memorable experiences. Red Carnation’s reputation rests on being able to keep the data travelling across its IT infrastructure safe and secure. Read more...
The French Connection group designs, produces and distributes branded fashion clothing for men and women from business premises located all over the world. Watchguard appliances are central to French Connection’s security strategy and allow a secure and regulated network to be maintained, allowing the business to meet and maintain compliance requirements. Read more...

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