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With its software, hardware, and portfolio of managed services, NCR is an industry-leading global technology company that secures nearly 550 million transactions daily across retail and hospitality industries. Managing secure technology to safeguard the billions of point of sale (POS) transactions and the systems connected to them is a critical part of NCR’s business model. With business operations for tens of thousands of diverse customers largely depending on the internal systems they support, NCR is focused on implementing enterprise-grade and easy-to-use security solutions. Read more...
Aylin White is one of the UK’s leading recruiting companies, specializing in building contracting, sub-contracting, and consulting. Focused on delivering the highest quality results possible, Aylin White insists on meeting with each and every candidate they place, helping leave no doubts that they are putting the right person into the right job. For Simon Perdoni, director at Aylin White, enabling staff with all of the tools needed for success is critical, not least of all when it comes to the security of their network operations. Read more...
Most companies are responsible solely for their own cyber security. But as a provider of serviced offices across the south-east of England, Wrest Park Ltd has to protect the operations of over 2,000 clients. For Head of IT Bob Sampson, this presents a business-critical challenge. With clients ranging from charities and educational firms to medical and financial & accounting companies, with anything from one to 100-plus users – Wrest Park’s reputation rests on its ability to adapt to all their different needs and demands, while still providing gold-standard security. Read more...
With over 150 clients around the globe, MicroSourcing remains at the forefront of bridging the gap between the Philippines and the rest of the world through business process outsourcing. Since starting operations in 2006, it has become an established services provider that caters to the needs of foreign companies. As such, the nature of MicroSourcing requires a reliable and efficient security system that gives its clients the assurance of a protected and professional network they deserve. Read more...

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