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As a middle-market engineering firm, IKN GmbH has been thriving since 1982 in the international cement-plant construction sector, with core competences centering on brick firing and cooling processes. With more than 650 installations all over the world, IKN is a market leader when it comes to fitting new cement plants or implementing modernization and conversion projects at any point along the cement processing chain. The IKN repertoire also includes the appropriate maintenance services, which due to the wide geographical spread of their systems, can lead to challenges. Read more...
Star Cargo was formed in 1983 as the parent company of several subsidiaries involved in international transport and shipping. In the early nineties the company expanded rapidly through strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions. From a technology standpoint, the distributed nature of Star Cargo’s enterprise created a significant geographical challenge, with the companies in the group needing to securely share business critical information without incurring a potential security threat. Read more...
Since 1975, London-based Brompton has been “the” name of folding bikes. With their growing market share came increased security demands and the need for network efficiencies that could support an even brighter future in manufacturing and sales. With new security gear from WatchGuard, including the Firebox M500 firewall and a fleet of AP wireless access points, Brompton is now ready to move into high gear. Read more...

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