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Since 2013, the Royal Yachting Association’s mission as a governing body has been to grow its relevance amongst boating communities and establish its reputation as a representative and influential organization by 2017. From a technology standpoint, this meant working towards PCI compliance, meeting the requirements for Data Loss Prevention and adhering to the rules around firewall configuration. RYA looks after a membership of over 105,000 people with more than 150,000 people per year completing RYA training courses. This translates into thousands of online transactions and the responsibility for huge quantities of personal data. Read more...
When it comes to network security, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority leaves nothing to chance. They chose to protect their network with WatchGuard security solutions - a combination of XTM multi-function firewalls and XCS email content security for complete protection - both in high availability pairs to ensure maximum network uptime. Read more...
When a long-time WatchGuard customer was ready to extend security to protect new branch offices and upgrade to comprehensive unified threat management, there was no question which solution provider to use. Read how the Korean Standards Association selected additional WatchGuard security appliances to ensure continued trouble-free network security for their organization - security that combined high performance and reliability with unbeatable pricing. Read more...
Goshen County was struggling to find a network security solution that met their requirements for security, flexibility, advanced networking, and cost-effectiveness. Foremost in their minds was their responsibility to protect confidential data according to stringent compliance standards, including Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) security policies set forth by the FBI. A vendor specializing in products and services for government clients introduced them to WatchGuard, and they found everything they were looking for - from secure Wi-Fi access and policy-based routing to exceptional customer support. Read more...

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