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Be Authentic

Own your identity so that a hacker can't.

Did you know that one of your most powerful weapons to protect your identity online is to simply be yourself? The more authentic you are, the harder it is for a hacker to steal your identity and the easier it is for us to defend you. Own your identity so that a hacker can’t with the power of mobile DNA.

What is mobile DNA?

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint solution offers a sophisticated multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature that ensures that you and only you can access your online accounts and assets from your mobile device. We describe this feature as your “mobile DNA.” Just like your body's DNA, mobile DNA is completely unique; your mobile DNA will be different from a hacker’s mobile device or emulator DNA.

Why does it matter?

The AuthPoint mobile DNA feature is important because it prevents hackers from being able to authenticate by mimicking your authenticator. Without this feature, a hacker could steal your mobile phone and all its data, replicate it on a different phone, and use the new, mimicked phone to authenticate. With the AuthPoint mobile DNA, however, this type of attack can easily be prevented.

How does mobile DNA work?

During the authenticator activation, the AuthPoint app will gather some information about your mobile device and create your device’s unique mobile DNA. This mobile DNA is essentially a hash of the information gathered during activation. The mobile DNA is shared with AuthPoint in the Cloud to make sure we have the exact footprint of the moment it was created.

Diagram showing the steps AuthPoint takes to verify your login information is authentic

Every time you log in, the AuthPoint app will recreate this mobile DNA and include it in a one-time password (OTP) calculation. If any of the unique mobile device characteristics were changed (e.g. by configurating an attempt to run it on a different device), then an invalid OTP will be generated, and access will be denied. This not only ensures that hackers are kept out, but also lets you know when an invalid user is trying to hack into your system. This login approval and denial information is displayed on your AuthPoint dashboard and can be accessed at any time.

Check out the video below to better understand how AuthPoint mobile DNA keeps your identity and your assets safe:

Be your authentic self and let WatchGuard protect your identity and assets online with AuthPoint.

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You’re only one weak password away from a breach, but fortunately, AuthPoint multi-factor authentication can help. These resources can help you understand how hackers steal passwords, the risks of relying on passwords alone, and how AuthPoint can help.


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