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All Flash, and No Substance!

Sophos XG firewall products are missing key network security features.


Find Out What a Complete Network Security Platform Looks Like

Sophos WatchGuard
Network Discovery
A critical step in securing your network is to have total visibility into every device connected to it. Your firewall must generate a visual map of all nodes on your network so you can easily see where you may be at risk. It ensures only authorized devices are connected while detecting all open ports and protocols.
Cloud-Based Reporting & Visibility
From the board room to the branch office, critical responses to network security scenarios need to be made quickly to avoid additional data loss and network outages – yet there’s no time to make sense of days or weeks of raw data. This is when you most need your data visualized and presented from the Cloud so that you can get the information you need and take action immediately. This kind of visibility dashboard is now an essential tool for today’s network security solutions.
Zero-Touch Deployment
When you are deploying security at multiple locations, you need to be able to skip sending your IT administrators onsite for configuration. All you need to worry about is simply connecting it locally for power and the Internet, and the rest can be taken care of remotely from any location.
Correlated Threat Detection from Network to Endpoint
Correlated security takes more than a health check. Cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and multifaceted, delivering evasive malware that can easily go unnoticed without the right security tools. Correlating data from your firewall with that from your endpoints provides a more complete threat picture and allows you to more confidently respond to threats.

Sophos Missed Evasions in the Latest NSS Labs Report

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Find Out Why Network Security Is Crucial!

“WatchGuard is nice and easy to use and has solved all our problems. Our security has increased dramatically and has made my life a lot simpler. I couldn’t ask for better.”

Jamie Stables, Desktop Support Analyst, Brompton

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Smart Security, Simply Done. It’s the WatchGuard Difference.

  • One Platform, Total Security
    Complete network protection in a single, easy-to-deploy solution. Our award-winning Unified Threat Management appliances are designed from the ground up to focus on ease of deployment, use, and ongoing management, in addition to providing the strongest security possible. Uniquely architected to be delivered as an integrated portfolio of security services within all WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Learn more >

  • Reporting & Visibility
    WatchGuard Cloud Visibility provides full visibility into your network so that you can make timely, informed, and effective decisions about your network security anywhere, anytime. The platform displays 100+ dashboards and reports that allow you to quickly see high-level trends and anomalies then drill down into detailed information on each. Learn more >

  • Zero-Touch Deployment
    WatchGuard RapidDeploy makes it possible to eliminate much of the labor involved in setting up a Firebox to work for your network – all without having to leave your office. RapidDeploy is a powerful, Cloud-based deployment and configuration tool that comes standard with WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Local staff simply connects the device for power and the Internet, and the rest can be taken care of remotely from any location. Learn more >

  • Threat Correlation and Prioritization
    Correlation is arguably the most important component of a layered security strategy. ThreatSync, WatchGuard’s Cloud-based correlation engine, not only brings together the network, endpoint and threat intelligence feeds, but does it in a way that midmarket and distributed enterprise organizations can actually benefit from. Through comprehensive threat scoring and prioritization, know which threats need your attention now, and which ones can wait. Learn more >