2018 Security Predictions

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2018 Predictions Infographic


Icon: Cryptocurrency Crash

Cryptocurrency Crash

Will hackers find a vulnerability severe enough to completely wipe out a popular cryptocurrency?


Wi-Fi Hacking

Wi-Fi is a popular target for hackers, but how will software-defined radio impact their wireless protocol target selection in 2018?

Icon: Wi-Fi Hacking


Icon: Increased Adoption of Corporate Cyber Insurance

Increased Adoption of Corporate Cyber Insurance

Ransomware criminals want to increase their payout percentages — are cyber extortion insurance customers more likely to pay?


IoT Botnets Force New Regulations

How long before a major IoT botnet attack will cause governments to address IoT security through regulation?

Icon: IoT Botnets Force New Regulations


Icon: Linux Attacks Will Double

Linux Attacks Will Double

Based on research from the WatchGuard Threat Lab, Linux-specific attacks are on the rise, but will they continue in 2018?


Multi-factor Authentication

How will SMBs handle data breaches and password leaks – with multi-factor authentication in reach, will we see wide adoption of new MFA solutions?

Icon: Multi-factor Authentication


Icon: Hack Election Machines

Hack Election Machines

What will cause the greater impact to the 2018 elections — hacked election machines, or misinformation and propaganda?

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