Secure Wireless for Healthcare

The Healthcare Industry has a unique set of wireless security challenges brought on by the highly sensitive and valuable nature of the data being exchanged on the network. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), along with similar global standards, requires organizations that process patient data to adhere to a strict set of security practices. Various types of medical technology have evolved to exchange data wirelessly, opening a new window of vulnerability. This trend, also known as the “Internet of Things,” or IoT, has revolutionized healthcare with improved efficiency; however, these devices are the most common target of malicious attacks. The medical devices are typically running older operating system versions that are known to be vulnerable.

Secure Wireless Implementations

Corporate Wi-Fi
Connecting to a high speed wireless network allows medical professionals to move from room to room while updating patient medical records. Mobile devices and modern Wi-Fi-enabled medical equipment requires a high speed connection, but at the same time must be properly secured in order to protect sensitive patient health data.

Guest Wi-Fi
Healthcare facilities commonly offer wireless access to patients so they can stay in contact with friends and family. While patients and guests need a high speed wireless connection, IT pros must ensure that guest wireless networks are secured and segmented from the corporate wireless network.

SoHo Wi-Fi
A doctor’s work is never done, so they need to stay connected 24/7. Doctors commonly connect remotely to patient data from their home or branch office, which presents a vulnerability to the private health records stored on the hospital network.

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The combination of in-house IT skills within my team, combined with the products supplied by WatchGuard, has provided the biggest benefit for Northern Lincolnshire; we now have a world-leading solution we can trust to deliver reliability, performance, and above all, secure access to sensitive patient information, whether that is from a PC or laptop device.

Paul Freear,
Head of IT Customer Services for Northern Lincolnshire

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