Secure Wireless for Education

Mobile devices are transforming education. Tablets are being issued by schools at all grade levels, and students need high speed wireless access to abundant web-based educational resources.

But access to this wealth of knowledge doesn’t come without risks. Schools, especially K-12, require that objectionable web content is filtered. Early grades are particularly vulnerable to malware because they aren’t as familiar with the common traps set by hackers. In addition to external threats, student networks must be segmented from the administrator’s network, to minimize the risk of cheating, tampering, and other privacy concerns.

Secure Wireless Implementations

Guest Wi-Fi
Students need to safely connect with other students and faculty, with continuous access to web-based educational resources no matter where they are on campus. Faculty need the same secure connectivity, plus the ability to access a segmented network reserved for teaching staff and school administrators.

Wireless Hotspot
Campus visitors need secure Wi-Fi, whether they are attending a large gathering such as a sporting event or commencement exercise, or simply stopping by the corner cafeteria.

Institutional Wi-Fi
School administrators and staff require the freedom to leave their workspace but still be securely connected to stay productive and easily accessible.

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Being able to create a good wireless network with access points in every third room has been very cost effective for us, which is an important consideration. Having a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the school now means that tutors, students and visitors have continual access to key resources and communications wherever they are on campus, helping us to deliver the aims of our curriculum.

James Priory,
Headmaster of Portsmouth Grammar School

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