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Webinar: Threat Hunting the Unknown

The popularity of Threat Hunting services is a consequence of detecting ever more persistent attacks, which also last longer and longer. On top of this, cybercriminals also have even more tactics to avoid traditional defense measures. As well as detecting attacks, it is increasingly important to try to get ahead of cyberattacks, so that the detection gap is reduced as much as possible.

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of creating detection and hunting capacities that help to keep their business’s future from being put at risk.

Build and grow your customer’s defenses at the same rate as cybercrime evolves! Discover all the details and the advantages that threat hunting can bring to your company in the webinar presented by Pedro Uria, our threat hunter analyst director, and Manu Santamaria, senior product manager of our Endpoint Security solution, explaining how MSPs can enhance their cybersecurity posture through threat hunting: 

  • Why threat hunting is a must
  • Threat detection vs threat hunting
  • A day in the life of a threat hunter
  • Examples of hunting detections
  • Providing services around threat hunting


Watch it now on- demand!

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