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Webinar: SASE Adoption by MSPs

At a time when enterprises are trying to accelerate growth through the use of the Cloud, more and more data, users, devices, applications and services are interacting outside of traditional enterprise premises, meaning that the enterprise perimeter is no longer a single location. The arrival of the remote work era means MSPs must evolve past traditional network-centric security models to secure networks, endpoints and users in an increasingly distributed business environment with less visibility and control than ever before. 

WatchGuard invites you to discover some of the main concepts related to SASE architecture. You can watch this on- demand webinar here.

With more traffic originating offsite and more applications residing in the cloud, traditional security policies are much harder to enforce across a wider network that now includes home networks and unmanaged assets in the connectivity path”, explains Andrew Young, SVP of Product Management.

Despite this shift away from the network perimeter, Cloud architectures are still designed so that everything must pass through the network perimeter and then leave it. Users, regardless of who they are, must still interact with the corporate network, often using inefficient technology, to get back to the outside world in most cases. This creates significant challenges in terms of service availability, performance and user productivity. As we will explain in The Secure Access Service Edge webinar, these challenges are solved by the SASE architecture.

The convergence of network connectivity and network security from SASE meets the challenges of digital business transformation, perimeter computing and employee mobility” says Young, who will be speaking at the webinar about:

  • What are the drivers behind this transformation
  • Where does SASE fit into my customer’s network 
  • The latest domains used in growing phishing attacks
  • What are the implications to my security posture
  • What is the role of the MSP and key considerations

When? August 10, 2021 - 8am PDT (3pm GMT)



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