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Wi-Fi Security: Keep Your Internet to Yourself


When thinking about wireless connectivity for your businesses, it’s common to focus on speed and the range the router can cover. But it’s more important than ever to shift your focus to your Wi-Fi security. Securing your Wi-Fi is critical because it serves as the gateway to the Internet, where personal data is constantly transferred and can be easily intercepted from any device. The good news? There’s a framework to help secure your wireless connections – benefitting both your business and guests alike.

Join Milena Babayev-Gurvits, product marketing manager, for our upcoming webinar as we discuss the 3 pillars of a Trusted Wireless Environment and how it can protect your business assets. Learn more about:

  • The 6 known Wi-Fi threat categories that leave your business vulnerable
  • Framework for building a Trusted Wireless Environment
  • What you can do to ensure your Wi-Fi meets the new security standard

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