WatchGuard Webinar

Top Security Threats Worldwide: Q1 2022

Join WatchGuard CSO Corey Nachreiner and Security Engineer Trevor Collins as they cover the latest Internet Security Report from the WatchGuard Threat Lab. In this session, Corey and Trevor will dive into the attack trends and latest malware variants targeting WatchGuard Firebox and Endpoint customers worldwide. In this session you’ll come away with:

  •  The latest traditional and fileless malware variants targeting organizations
  •  The network attacks targeting network-connected clients, servers, and applications
  •  Threats reaching the endpoint including ransomware and evasive malware
  •  Defensive learnings to help guide your organization towards combating the evolving threat landscape
  •  Details about the return of Emotet variants
  •  Understanding of the growth in script-based malware and living off the land (LotL) attacks.

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