WatchGuard Webinar

Threat Correlation and Scoring: Connecting the Dots to Detect and Kill More Malware


Today, organizations of all sizes are under siege from an unceasing tide of malware as tens of millions of new malware samples are discovered every month. With ample security budgets, skilled security teams, and cutting-edge-at-a-cost technologies at their disposal, large enterprises are well-positioned to protect themselves against the deluge of malware knocking at their door. Yet malware presents especially daunting challenges for SMBs as they face the same threats as enterprises, but with far fewer resources at their disposal.

Through threat correlation and scoring, SMBs have a powerful new way to detect and kill malware that other solutions miss.

In this webinar we will discuss:
• The threat landscape for SMBs
• Known, unknown, and evasive malware
• The need for network and endpoint threat correlation
• Threat scoring: a force multiplier

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