WatchGuard Webinar

Learnings from the Kaseya Supply Chain Attack and Mass Ransomware Incident

On Friday, July 2, at least eight MSPs were hit with ransomware that infected their infrastructure and many of their customers. The attack exploited some unpatched vulnerabilities in the on-premises Kaseya VSA product, and then leveraged the remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to help spread the ransomware. The incident allegedly has affected up to 1,500 companies, and the attackers, members of the Revil gang, are asking for $70 million in ransom. In this timely webinar, WatchGuard CSO Corey Nachreiner and Technical Security Operations Manager Marc Laliberte discuss what we know about this attack and how you can protect yourself. The presentation includes:

  • A timeline of the attack
  • Technical details we know about the vulnerabilities and tools, techniques and procedures used in the attack (developing over time)
  • How WatchGuard products detect the ransomware by breaking down the various parts of the attack
  • What you should do to protect yourself from this and other similar attacks in the future

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