WatchGuard Webinar

Keeping Local Government Networks One Step Ahead of Hacktivists


When state and local government networks stop working, millions of people are at best inconvenienced, or at worst put in the way of danger. Electric grids, water quality, and emergency services are critical public infrastructures that depend on access to reliable networks. Beyond these, all state and local government facilities in the US and Canada need to prevent data breaches and protect against other common information security threats like ransomware and cryptocurrency mining to keep public services running. With recent attacks in Montana and Ohio, this sector truly must prioritize the need to be especially vigilant against the threat posed by politically motivated “hacktivists.”

In this webinar, IT pros in city and county administration, emergency services, and other public safety departments will learn how to improve their security to protect from hacktivists with:

  • Cost-effective, compliant security solutions and other controls necessary to comply with regulations (HIPAA, PCI DSS, CJIS)
  • Secure Wi-Fi solutions that block the many silent, but frequent, Wi-Fi attacks
  • Multifactor authentication protection from breaches caused by stolen credentials

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