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Wi-Fi Cloud Analyze 5.1 Update – EMEA

Hello WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Users,

The WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Analyze application will be updated on EMEA regional server on Friday, June 14, 2019. Only customers that use this server are affected. This server did not complete the upgrade during the Analyze 5.1 update on May 31, 2019 and was rolled back to the previous version. 

When: EMEA region only. Friday, June 14, 2019 (12:00AM – 6:00AM GMT / UTC)

Maintenance Window: 6 hours

Duration: 2 hours


  • Analyze services will be unavailable during the maintenance activity.
  • Captive portal splash pages will be unavailable for up to 15 minutes during the upgrade. Guest Wi-Fi users who have already authenticated to captive portals can continue to access guest Wi-Fi, but new guest Wi-Fi users will be unable to authenticate to the captive portal during this time frame.
  • Access Points will continue to function and provide connectivity and security.
  • The ability to perform configuration changes or view reports in Manage is not impacted.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues:

  • Facebook has recently implemented new compliance requirements about the storage and use of opt-in demographic profile information (age and gender) collected from guest Wi-Fi users. This data will no longer be available from the Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Facebook app, and profile information such as age and gender will appear as "Unspecified" in Analyze reports. For more information, see Impact of Facebook data privacy changes on WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.
  • A new Host field is available in the approval email sent during the Guestbook self-registration host approval work flow. This helps the default email approver know the context of the host for the guest registrant.
  • Support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 is disabled. TLS v 1.2 connections are now mandatory for administrator connections to Analyze and captive portal splash page connections.

To learn more about Secure, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi from WatchGuard, visit If you have any questions regarding the update, please visit the Support Center.

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