WatchGuard XCS 9.2 Update 3 Now Available

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08 Aug 2012 By Corey Nachreiner
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Web Proxy Single Sign-On, DLP and Update Enhancements, Plus Security and Functionality Improvements

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness of WatchGuard XCS appliances to protect from data loss, new viruses, and malware, and to enable organizations to customize their environments, WatchGuard is pleased to announce the availability of XCS 9.2 Update 3.

Highlights of this maintenance release include:

  • Single sign-on is now available for web proxy. With SSO, your users provide their credentials one time (when they log on to their computers on an Active Directory domain) and are automatically authenticated to your XCS device when they use the Web Proxy.
  • The Data Loss Prevention Wizard now provides a wider range of default data match types.  You can now use the wizard to configure rules to match many National Identification Numbers, Health Identification Numbers, and Financial Information Numbers.
  • The WatchGuard XCS now provides improved validation for DLP. Validation is improved for regular expressions that search for financial, banking, health care, and other types of data when scanning messages. This validation helps prevent false positives when you match regular expression patterns during message processing.
  • SMTP Recipient Verification is available. The Reject on Unknown Recipient feature has been enhanced to include SMTP Recipient Verification as a method to determine if a recipient address is valid. SMTP Recipient Verification rejects inbound mail messages based on a recipient address probe to the nearest MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) to ensure that the recipient address is verified to be deliverable.
  • XCS software upgrades can be performed from the Web UI. You can now perform a full upgrade of your WatchGuard XCS system software using a software image without the use of the system console. All system software updates and full system upgrades can now be performed directly with the Web UI.
  • We have improved the user interface for Dictionaries Management. The user interface for Dictionaries has been reworked and improved to provide more efficient management of your dictionaries and lists. You can now enter dictionary contents manually through the Web UI or upload a dictionary from a file.
  • Quarantined messages can be previewed. The Message Quarantine area now provides the ability to preview the content of quarantined messages. This allows you to examine the message content and attachments to help determine why it was quarantined.
  • New data sources for Reputation Enabled Defense (RED) have been added. Reputation Enabled Defense now uses additional data feeds from other leading sources of malware intelligence, such as Phishtank and, to improve the accuracy of URL reputation scores.
  • Virtual interface sharing for multiple domains is enabled. Multiple domains can now share the same virtual interface IP address.
  • Advanced Emulator Mode is supported for anti-virus. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine has been upgraded to support Kaspersky's emulator (EMU) option that can improve scanning effectiveness for the latest emerging virus threats.
  • Over 35 additional bug fixes and minor enhancements have been included. For more details, see the Release Notes.

Does This Release Pertain to Me?

XCS 9.2 Update 3 is a maintenance release that contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes, including security fixes. Because of the security updates, it is strongly advised that users install the software update. Please read the Release Notes before you upgrade, to understand what is involved.

How Do I Get the Release?

Your XCS appliance will automatically download the XCS 9.2 Update 3 software. However, it will NOT automatically install the update. You must manually install software updates by going to Administration > Software Updates > Updates. You can also manually download the update from the Articles and Support section of WatchGuard’s Support Center. We highly recommend you thoroughly review the Installation Instructions section of the Release Notes before applying this update.

For a more detailed description of this update, please visit the WatchGuard Support Center at

If you need support, please enter a support incident online or call our support staff directly. When you contact Technical Support, please have your registered Product Serial Number, LiveSecurity Key, or Partner ID available.

  • U.S. End Users: 877.232.3531
  • International End Users: +1.206.613.0456
  • Authorized WatchGuard Resellers: +1.206.521.8375