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Updates to Customer Support Phone System

As of Monday 18 September, WatchGuard Customer Support is pleased to announce some upcoming improvements to our phone system. We are integrating our phone system and CRM systems so that we can automatically find your account and contact information when you call in for support. We will use your phone number, either the number you call from or a number manually entered by you when you call, to locate your details within our system. We will use this information to prioritize your call and route your call to the correct support representative. We have also made some minor improvements to our language specific lines.

What to expect

  • Two new options when you call in to WatchGuard Technical Support:
    • You can select the language you want to be supported in (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin)
    • You can confirm the best phone number for us to use to find your account information
  • Introduction of Business Hours for our language-specific phone lines:
    • The language-specific phone lines will open and close depending on customer time zone
    • During closed hours, customers who call a language-specific line will be given the option to leave a voicemail for the next available language speaker or to be transferred to an English-speaking representative

What you need to do

To prepare for these changes, we recommend that you log in to the WatchGuard website to verify your contact information is correct. We will use the phone numbers in your Profile to find your account when you call in. To review and update your profile information, click here. For more information about how to update your profile, you can also watch this video tutorial.

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