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New Pull Authentication Feature: Push Notifications Will Never Be Late Again

WatchGuard AuthPoint pull authentication screen

Your push message didn’t arrive? Don’t worry, a new version of the AuthPoint App for Android and iOS is now available for download with the new “Pull Authentication” feature.

AuthPoint’s Push authentication is what makes our solution one of the most secure and user-friendly MFA options in the market. This feature provides complete information about the user, their location and device, which adds increased levels of security when approving or denying access to applications. This technology is also more secure and reliable than SMS authentication because the communication is fully encrypted in the app.

But as with any other notification solution, we depend on Google Cloud Messaging or Apple Push Notification Service to deliver Push-based authentication messages. While we know that notifications normally arrive in less than 3 seconds, there are times when it takes longer, which affects the user experience of our AuthPoint users – but we have no control over the third-party services.

We are happy to introduce the new “Pull Authentication” feature. If your Push message doesn’t arrive in a few seconds, just open your AuthPoint App or click on “Check for pending notifications” on your phone, and we will retrieve the notification from AuthPoint in WatchGuard Cloud to make sure you don’t miss notifications. No more delays and no more waiting!

Note: The Pull Authentication feature is supported in versions 1.13.0 and beyond.

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