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Mobile DNS Protection Beta Updates!

We are happy to announce a major improvement to our content filtering in our Mobile DNS Protection beta! We have integrated the categories from our WebBlocker security service into DNSWatch. You will shortly be able to leverage the granularity of 120+ categories across your protected networks and mobile clients!

For those customers already using WatchGuard’s WebBlocker service, the look and feel will be very familiar as we have worked to create an experience that mirrors the one you are used to. If you are not familiar with WebBlocker you will be treated to an updated experience allowing a more granular deployment of content filtering policies, leveraging 120+ categories!

The content filtering settings in our Mobile DNS Protection solution have been updated and any existing content filtering policies have been migrated. We do recommend that if you are using content filtering currently, you review your policies to ensure they are accurate.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes and are excited to continue to drive innovation through Mobile DNS Protection! We plan to begin rolling these changes to active accounts beginning Tuesday July 23rd.

Not signed up for the beta? Check it out here.

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