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Introducing the WatchGuard Firebox T70

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WatchGuard is excited to announce the launch of the Firebox T70, our latest tabletop network security appliance. The T70 has set a new industry best, with 1 Gigabit per second in full UTM mode with HTTP traffic, and over 600 Megabits per second with HTTPS traffic. Now, network administrators can confidently deploy a tabletop appliance knowing it will run the services necessary to secure their network without compromising performance.

The Firebox T70 was designed to ensure that network administrators in the small and midsize business (SMB) and Distributed Enterprise segments can deploy a tabletop appliance that can handle HTTPS DPI in environments where Fiber broadband connections are becoming more prevalent. Though HTTPS adds security by encrypting traffic, unfortunately, bad actors are increasingly using this as an attack vector for passing malware through the firewall. It is critical that network admins have the capability to inspect and sanitize this traffic.

To achieve the high performance bar that was set for T70, we decided to leverage an Intel chipset – our first use of the Intel platform in our tabletop lineup. The combination of the product architecture and WatchGuard’s proprietary Fireware OS resulted in our most powerful tabletop yet, and the fastest tabletop UTM on the market when running in full UTM mode (e.g. Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Antivirus, and Application Control) But you don’t have to take our word for it – the performance of the Firebox T70 has been verified by the Miercom independent test lab.

From a design perspective, the Firebox T70 is a 1U tabletop appliance with an all-metal body and comes equipped with 8 x 1 Gb Ethernet ports, 2 of which support Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+). The 2 PoE+ ports allow administrators to easily extend the reach of the Firebox T70 by connecting remote peripherals such as wireless access points, without having to run costly AC power. The Firebox T70 is also fanless, so administrators can feel free to place it in noise sensitive work areas without having to worry about users being bothered by constant whirring.

The Firebox T70 is generally available now, please see the resources below to learn more, or to buy.

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