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Fireware 11.12 Brings Industry-Leading ConnectWise Integration

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With the recent release of Fireware v11.12, WatchGuard has introduced an industry-leading integration with ConnectWise, a professional services automation (PSA) platform for managed security service providers (MSSPs). WatchGuard MSSP Partners can now easily synchronize their customers' security asset information, auto generate service tickets with closed-loop ticketing of system, security, and subscription events, and deliver on-demand security service reports straight from ConnectWise.


Auto Synchronization of Asset Information — Know Your Customers’ Security

  • Reduce manual upkeep of security asset information.
  • Gain unparalleled visibility into your customers’ security through automated synchronization with WatchGuard security appliances, including subscription start and end dates, device serial numbers, OS versions, and more.
  • Avoid a managed network going unprotected because of incorrect security service subscription end dates.


Integrated, Closed-Loop Service Ticketing — Track Issues with Service Ticketing Made Easy

  • Enable ConnectWise service tickets for WatchGuard security solutions.
  • Configure event thresholds on a wide range of parameters identified per device, including: security services, device statistics, and subscription statuses. Event thresholds automatically trigger the creation and closure of service tickets, closing tickets when issues are resolved, and reducing the number of false alarms.
  • Eliminate ticket flooding and provide trending visibility into a customer’s security, because the same ticket reopens if the issue returns, rather than creating multiple tickets.


Automated Reporting — Auto Deliver Security Summary Reports to Your Customers

  • Integrate data from the WatchGuard management and reporting solutions into the ConnectWise Executive Summary Reports, including device statistics, web usage statistics, and intrusion prevention service summaries.
  • Deliver customized reports to customers via on-demand schedules.


Learn more about this integration by visiting the WatchGuard-ConnectWise integration page, which includes a link to the integration guide.

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