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AuthPoint Agent for Windows v2.0 Beta is here!

AuthPoint Agent for Windows is getting a new look and feel!

What does this change?
This beta kicks off the release of the redesigned version of the AuthPoint Agent for Windows, which will have the same look and feel as the agent for MacOS. When Windows users log in, AuthPoint sign-in options (e.g. push) will appear on a new screen after the user enters in a username and password. This is different from the current Windows logon in which the sign-in options appear on the same screen as the Windows logon screen. ​

AuthPoint Agent for Windows v2.0 screenshot

Exciting new features with the new Agent!

  • Support for RDP connections using the Remote Desktop Connection application

  • Support for RDgateway connections

  • Safe Locations support: give users better usability by allowing them to automatically bypass MFA if they are connected to a protected network - your Safe Location!

Sign up to participate in the AuthPoint Beta program today if you are not already in the program.  

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