WatchGuard Introduces New Advanced Learning Center for Channel Partners

WatchGuard channel partners can now access an advanced learning management system that enables personalized training paths for business and technical professionals

SEATTLE – January 23, 2018WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in advanced network security solutions, today unveiled the WatchGuard Learning Center – an advanced learning management system for its worldwide channel community of over 9,000 value-added resellers (VARs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs). The WatchGuard Learning Center is accessible from the WatchGuard Partner Portal, delivering personalized educational paths in sales readiness, channel enablement, and technical trainings through a web-based learning environment that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

WatchGuardONE is a value-based incentive program for channel partners that rewards their commitment to WatchGuard in terms of trained resources dedicated to WatchGuard - rather than revenue numbers – with Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Since implementing the WatchGuardONE partner program, WatchGuard’s engaged partners have experienced a nearly 40 percent growth in revenue. Through the new WatchGuard Learning Center, partners can choose personalized training paths and complete courses available both live and on demand, enabling them to grow and maintain their WatchGuardONE partner status, while automatically tracking their progress.

WatchGuard has made significant investments in its Partner Portal to provide channel partners with a one-stop-shop for enablement tools and resources. With the Partner Portal, they benefit from a centralized hub for managing their business with WatchGuard, including business visibility tools, marketing funds management, integrated marketing campaigns, renewals and deal registration, automated lead dispatch and opportunities management. Now with the inclusion of the new advanced learning management system, all WatchGuard channel partners can just as easily manage their personalized training experiences.



Don Gulling, President, Verteks Consulting

“The reason I chose to partner with WatchGuard over 10 years ago is simple – they value their channel partners unlike any other company in the industry. The level of support I get from WatchGuard – including the account management team, the technical and sales trainings, channel enablement tools, and so much more – is truly a game-changer for my business. While the company has grown significantly in recent years, their unwavering commitment to partner relationships has not changed.”

Sean Price, SVP, Worldwide Sales, WatchGuard

“Partner training has always been the foundation of the WatchGuardONE program. The more trainings our channel partners achieve, the more WatchGuard rewards their efforts. As the industry and technology continue to evolve, so do the products and services we offer, as well as the tools and resources we make available to our partners. The WatchGuard Learning Center sets the stage to further enable our channel community as trusted advisors to our joint customers, with more personalized ways to learn than ever before.”