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The WatchGuard Cloud Platform Answers MSPs’ Demand for Simplified, Scalable Security Deployments, Management and Reporting

Powerful cloud platform empowers IT solution providers to rapidly implement and scale security services to drive operational efficiencies and maximize profitability

SEATTLE – April 9, 2019 WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, today unveiled the WatchGuard Cloud platform, which centralizes security management and reporting from a single cloud-based interface. Built from the ground up to support and enable managed service providers (MSPs), WatchGuard Cloud reduces infrastructure costs, accelerates customer acquisition, and minimizes time spent on reporting and operational tasks.

“MSPs need a modern, cloud-hosted security solution that’s capable of providing powerful security insights, unlimited scalability and easy deployment processes,” said Andrew Young, SVP of product management at WatchGuard. “WatchGuard’s mission is to make cyber security simple, and this applies not just to end users, but also to the partners who deploy, configure, and manage our products and services. Simplicity is in our DNA, so we are extending that to our partners with the launch of WatchGuard Cloud.”

The WatchGuard Cloud platform is the management platform of the future for MSPs because it simplifies how they protect their customers while enabling rapid, efficient and profitable growth. It delivers true multi-tier, multi-tenant capabilities, scaling automatically to allow MSPs to create and manage an unlimited number of customer accounts, deploy new WatchGuard appliances, manage and deploy WatchGuard applications, and gain valuable insights into a customer’s network.

Key Features of the WatchGuard Cloud platform include:

  • Limitless Account Management – WatchGuard Cloud is built on a multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture, allowing service providers to create and onboard any number and type of customer accounts, while ensuring separation of data between tenants and role-based access to information.
  • Scalable Performance – The platform responds immediately and automatically to changing compute and storage requirements, allowing the platform to maintain high performance, running reports in seconds across terabytes of data while providing summarized insights.
  • Inventory Allocation & Account Delegation – WatchGuard Cloud’s powerful inventory management features let service providers view and track licensing across all customers. They can also allocate and deallocate services to those customers on terms that fit their service models. Additionally, WatchGuard Cloud provides tenants with the ability to delegate access to another tenant, including control over duration and permissions.
  • Automated Alerts & Notifications – As a centralized management interface, the WatchGuard Cloud platform allows users to quickly and easily configure alerts and notifications across all security applications, including visibility of Firebox UTM and AuthPoint multi-factor authentication events. MSSPs can access notifications on anything from customer licenses, usage or expirations to security and performance updates.
  • Flexible Data Retention – WatchGuard Cloud offers a variety of data retention options — including 30 days with the WatchGuard Total Security Suite — removing the need to configure, deploy, maintain and scale servers and appliances for logging and reporting.
  • Zero Infrastructure Requirements – As a cloud-hosted service, the platform has no hardware requirements for service providers to deploy, resulting in reduced cost and time spent deploying and maintaining servers either locally or in datacenters.  
  • Powerful Visibility and Reporting – Building upon the award-winning Dimension solution, WatchGuard Cloud comes equipped with more than 100 dashboards and reports that identify key network security threats, issues and trends, while accelerating users’ ability to set and enforce meaningful security policies.
  • Platform and Data Security – Security of the centrally managed, cloud-hosted platform itself is a top priority for WatchGuard. Not only are user logins protected by advanced multi-factor authentication, but WatchGuard Cloud offers built-in security for data in transit, and at rest, which enables users to implement role-based access control and supports the logical separation of data between tenants, as well as partitions between subscriber accounts.


“WatchGuard Cloud’s easy deployment, granular insight and cost-effectiveness has been a game-changer for our business,” said Carl Mazzanti, president of eMazzanti Technologies. “In the retail industry, delays, downtime and breaches can be impossible to come back from. Our customers have unrivaled peace of mind knowing that through the intuitive WatchGuard Cloud interface we can spin up new stores that are highly secure and compliant, manage and monitor each location from anywhere, and always access in-depth insight into performance and security anomalies in real time.”

The WatchGuard Cloud platform provides centralized management of security applications and strengthens MSPs’ ability to easily deliver differentiated, profitable services to their customers.

For more information about the platform and how to get started today, visit the WatchGuard Cloud page.

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