Network Visibility

Get a Close Up View of Network Blind Spots

Do you ever wonder what’s happening on your network when you’re not looking? Unauthorized, or rogue, devices gain access and drop off the network before you spot them. Individual users overconsume bandwidth or inadvertently download malware onto their laptops and phones. Botnets and zero-day threats hide on the network for months at a time until the designated time of attack. You can’t be everywhere at once, and even if you could, the network logs generated by a typical network are beyond what even a team of experts could digest – and new data never stops coming!

Today, visibility tools that track and expose threats and identify user behavior contributing to a compromised network are a must have. Visibility solutions make sense of vast amounts of data by simply presenting key summarizations and alerts - so that it is easy to identify anomalies and take action. If you can’t see what’s happening in every corner of your network, you’re suffering from blind spots that pose a massive security risk. WatchGuard gives IT professionals complete visibility across the entire network by integrating world class visualization services into all Firebox appliances.



Network Activity

WatchGuard Dimension brings big-data visibility to network security, without the associated cost and complexity. By tracking network security threats, issues and trends, it accelerates your ability to eliminate threats, set meaningful security policies across the network, and meet compliance mandates.


Network Discovery

Every open port, rogue device, or unapproved server on your network is a potential route for cyber attacks. With the Network Discovery service, you’ll be able to see anywhere your network may be in jeopardy through a clear visual map of all connected nodes so you can head off trouble.


Botnet Detection

Botnet activity does not show up on an infected machine's screen, making it easy for a bot to do its dirty work under the radar. By monitoring outbound traffic across all ports and protocols, WatchGuard’s Reputation Enabled Defense service can detect botnet activity in real time so you can immediately shut it down.


Mobile Security

Mobile Security service ‘sees’ all attempts to connect to the network from iOS and Android devices and enforces your current corporate policies. Jailbroken devices and those that download apps from unauthorized devices are blocked, and Android devices are scanned for malware for an additional layer of protection.


Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

ThreatSync, a key component of TDR, introduces our cloud-based correlation and threat scoring engine to improve security awareness and response by providing actionable insight from the network and the endpoint. ThreatSync collects event data from the WatchGuard Firebox, WatchGuard Host Sensor and threat intelligence feeds, correlating this data to generate a comprehensive threat score and rank to guide remediation. Learn more >

“Data in itself is not valuable at all. The value is in the analyses done on that data and how the data is turned into information…”

Mark van Rijmenam, Big Data Strategist


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