Securing Your Network and Reputation

With the prevalence of social media and networking tools, it’s truer now than ever before: for retailers, reputation is critical. But while factors like customer service have obvious influence on your business’s standing, have you considered the impact of your network security? You should.

The consequences of security vulnerabilities can wreak devastating havoc on a company’s good name, the likes of which some will never recover from. Retail businesses in particular remain a top target for cyber criminals – in fact, nearly one in three retailers have already suffered revenue losses due to a cyber attack. Luckily, with intuitive solutions for POS, compliance, and Wi-Fi needs, WatchGuard Technologies can help secure your retail network, business, and ultimately – your reputation.

Test Your Network Security Knowledge

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Photo: Retail POS transaction

Challenge: POS Intrusions

These remote attacks on Point-of-Sale terminals are extremely common and equally effective. In fact, 98% of all recorded POS attacks result in a confirmed data breach.

Solution: Research monitoring options for your POS environment that provide visibility into all network activity, trends, and potential threats. Learn more >

Photo: PCI Webpage

Challenge: PCI Compliance

The standards around PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance get tougher with each passing year, but for good reason – so are network security threats. However, achieving and maintaining PCI certification, though challenging, is essential to running your business.

Solution: Protecting your perimeter with a UTM solution that provides “defense in depth,” or multiple layers of security, is critical. Learn more >

Photo: Using Wi-Fi in Public

Challenge: Secure Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury for consumers – it’s a necessity, encouraging both increased length of stay within a store and likelihood to return. But for all the convenience that public Wi-Fi networks afford guests, they also provide cyber criminals with a convenient vector for any number of threats – from denial-of-service to Man-in-the-middle attacks.

Solution: If you want to offer your customers Wi-Fi – without offering up sensitive data to cyber hackers – then you need to enable WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System). Learn more >

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Properly securing your network can be challenging, but it's critical to securing the future of your business. We're here to help with these informative resources.

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