Midsize Business

Securing the Midsize Business

Midsize businesses are a prime target for cybercriminals as they are big enough to present a lucrative target, but often lack the sophisticated cyber security defenses of their enterprise counterparts. Over half of midsize companies have no dedicated cyber security personnel, placing the onus of security on overburdened IT teams. With so much at stake, midsize businesses need solutions that provide enterprise-grade security in a way that is simple to maintain.

Illustration: Office buildings behind a shield

Enterprise-grade security

Over 80 percent of cyber-attacks against midsize businesses are successful, compared to less than 5 percent of attacks against enterprises. As a midsize business, you face the same threats as enterprise organizations, shouldn’t you have the same level of security? WatchGuard offers a best-of-breed portfolio of enterprise-grade network security services including services to defend against evolving malware and ransomware, and prevent the loss of sensitive data.

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Easy to deploy and manage

With IT Staff wearing multiple hats, you need a solution that helps them do more, with less. WatchGuard makes managing security simple with our out-of-the-box tools to quickly and easily deploy, configure, and maintain your security with the granularity of your choice. Our actionable visibility tools enable you to proactively identify threats, while providing corrective action against known issues.

Illustration: Networked points with a lock over them

Security for Your Complex Environment

Midsize businesses are more complex and rely on more technology than ever before. You need solutions that not only grow with your business, but also accommodate your increasingly complex environment. Our industry-leading network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence products and services provide the security you need to stay protected.

“Juggling 12 different IT policies is a challenge, so having a central system and central firewall gives me a lot more control than I ever had before.”

Neil Prince, Group IT Manager, Rybrook Holdings