Is Simplified Security Feeling Out of Reach?

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and complexity, it’s only natural that businesses are subsequently looking for more powerful and complex cyber defenses. The problem with scaling security by way of complexity? Your resources – time and staffing principal among them – don’t automatically scale as well.

Resource Scarcity Complicates Things

IT department staffing shortages are an industry-wide challenge and show no signs of easing up – a staggering 53% of IT professionals worldwide are struggling with a critical deficit of cyber security skills within their business (StationX). Those roles that are aptly filled within the department are spread thin, struggling to fulfill daily responsibilities while juggling constant alerts and support tickets.

Thankfully, all WatchGuard solutions are designed with an emphasis on ease and simplicity: in configuration, deployment, and ongoing management. Your network is complex enough – your security doesn’t have to be.

Solutions to Simplify Your Security

Centralized Management

WatchGuard Firebox appliances are not only easy to initially configure and deploy, they are also designed with an emphasis on centralized management from one console.
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Visibility and Reporting

Automated reporting dashboards prevent your IT team from wasting time and resources on low-risk events. WatchGuard Cloud Visibility provides actionable, cloud-based logging and reporting.
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Cloud Wi-Fi

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity hurts staff productivity and consumes IT resources. WatchGuard Discover offers valuable insight into Wi-Fi network performance.
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Cloud-Based MFA

WatchGuard AuthPoint is an MFA (multi-factor authentication) solution that’s not only easy and cost-effective to deploy, but user-friendly for all employees, regardless of technical savvy.
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Managed Service Provider

If managing your business’s security simply isn’t an item you have room for on your to-do list, outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider can take that burden totally off your plate.
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Simplified security can often feel out of reach. We’re here to help with these informative resources.

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