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25 Years of Security: does history matter?

There’s little in the world of technology that qualifies as sui generis (that is, unique unto itself). What goes around really does come around and there is safety in respecting that. 

Why look back to then in cybersecurity? Because one of the best ways to understand how to protect your network, Wi-Fi, and endpoints is to familiarize yourself with what led to today’s tortuous threat landscape. Even those in that revered group known as “seasoned IT pros” can benefit from a review of the big hacks that brought millions of us to our cyber knees over the last 25 years. The more you know about how attackers have operated, the better you are able to protect yourself now and in the future.  

WatchGuard’s new eBook, 25 Years of Security, is not a comprehensive attack history but rather a fast-paced chronicle of some of the most successful hacks of all time, why each one mattered and what we learned (or should have learned) from it. Don’t think of this as just old news – it’s well worth looking at the threat intelligence we’ve gained about the most dangerous and widespread malware by analyzing past attacks. Many of them are still around in some form so they are absolutely relevant and security-strategy worthy. 

The biggest threat to your network in 2022 may well be a danger that’s been percolating for years. Use this eBook as a checklist to think about possible security vulnerabilities you may have as you prepare to meet the inevitable cyber challenges ahead.  

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