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Success Stories

  • WatchGuard VPN Enables Company to Expand with Ease

    Founded in 1985, Network Aviation Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of sales, marketing, and other key services to international air cargo companies. Its activities span five continents and include delivering cargo sales and logistics services to more than 20 of the world’s leading airlines, as well as managing a global fleet of freight aircraft.

    Network Aviation Group’s commitment to WatchGuard security solutions has lasted more than 10 years, beginning when a seismic shift in the company’s growth put extra pressure on its network infrastructure.

  • Warren Evans Puts Network Threats to Bed

    Warren Evans – an award-winning manufacturer of bedroom furniture – has 14 offices and showrooms across London, with plans to open additional retail locations throughout 2016. The challenge for Neil MacGregor - Head of IT for Warren Evans - has been to find technology that is sufficiently resilient, secure and scalable to support this increasingly distributed enterprise.

  • Strategy for Success: Consulting Firm Turns to WatchGuard

    Though OxfordSM maintains offices in the US and UK, the majority of the 80 staff members and associates work remotely. “As a largely virtual organization, our technology platforms take the place of a traditional office by allowing us to not only manage our work, but also to interact and bond as a team.” For a company that depends so greatly on technology to run their day to day operations, it’s paramount that OxfordSM deploys only the most secure and reliable network solutions.

  • WatchGuard Delivers for Shipping and Transport Company

    Star Cargo was formed in 1983 as the parent company of several subsidiaries involved in international transport and shipping. In the early nineties the company expanded rapidly through strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions. From a technology standpoint, the distributed nature of Star Cargo’s enterprise created a significant geographical challenge, with the companies in the group needing to securely share business critical information without incurring a potential security threat.


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