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Success Stories

  • Leelex Keeps Customers Happy – and Their Network Secure – With WatchGuard Solutions

    Leelex Ltd. is a bar and restaurant company operating venues throughout Leeds, England. With an extensive portfolio of hospitality offerings – complimentary guest Wi-Fi access not least among them – the business’s network security requirements are diverse. It’s important for Leelex to provide upstanding customer experience to its loyal customers, without compromising the security of their network and business. That’s why they turn to WatchGuard.

  • WatchGuard: Key Ingredient for Akbar’s Restaurants

    Akbar’s Restaurants felt efficiency and revenue could be greatly increased by introducing a tablet-based EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system, enabling staff to take orders electronically at each table and transmit them directly to the kitchen. This way, orders would arrive to the kitchen in seconds, and all items ordered would be automatically updated into the till payment system. No delay, no lost orders. Cliff Gurdin, who manages IT at Akbar's, takes up the story: “We felt that for the EPOS system to work, Akbar’s needed a really solid Wi-Fi mesh network in each of their sites. And from a central management perspective, we advised they should have a remote support and monitoring capability.”

  • Expanding Organization Chooses WatchGuard for Network Security That Scales

    Reconomy helps thousands of corporate clients – including Taylor Wimpey, Balfour Beatty, the National Trust and Travelodge – to cost-effectively manage their waste, maximize opportunities for recycling and re-use, and exceed their corporate social responsibility targets for waste management and sustainability. Growing at 30-40% a year, Reconomy is on course to leap from a £15 million turnover firm in 2010 to a £200 million operation by the end of this decade. Alongside this, the company’s computer network has grown to dozens of in house and hosted servers and an online portal, which together connect 400 staff members with hundreds of supply chain partners and customer companies – some 50 servers and 10,000 external users in all.

  • Centralized Management Helps Dealership to Securely Connect Offices with Ease

    Founded in 1937, Rybrook Holdings is one of the UK’s largest luxury car dealerships, with 24 showrooms across the UK and Spain that operate as independent dealerships with a single, shared IT function. For Group IT Manager Neil Prince, integrating these diverse retail outlets with diverse needs – and anywhere from four to over one hundred users each – was no small feat.


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