How to Buy — 4 Easy Steps


Total Security, Totally Simple

Simplicity is our mission at WatchGuard and that mission extends beyond how the product is built to how it is packaged. Building the right WatchGuard offering for your business needs is as simple as answering three questions:

  1. How and where do you want to deploy your WatchGuard network security solution?
  2. What security services are important to your implementation?
  3. Do you have a requirement for Secure Wi-Fi at one or more of your sites?

Follow the steps below to build the right package for your business. Questions? No problem – one of WatchGuard’s security specialists or one of our dedicated Partners are more than happy to assist you!

Step 1 – Choose Your Deployment Strategy

  • Physical Network Appliance – Use our sizing tool to find the tabletop or rack-mount Firebox appliance that is right for your environment.
  • Virtual Network Appliance – Whether you wish to install our network security image on your own server hardware or with your preferred virtual environment provider, WatchGuard’s XTMv is the solution for you.

Step 2 – Choose Your Security Services

A stateful packet firewall, while essential, simply isn’t enough anymore. The reality is that every network needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect against spyware and viruses, malicious apps and data leakage – all the way through ransomware, botnets, advanced persistent threats, and zero day malware. WatchGuard offers the most complete suite of unified security controls on the market today to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

While all of our services are offered a la carte, we have worked to develop two packages that take the work of out of the decision-making process.

WatchGuard’s Basic Security Suite includes fundamental security requirements, basic management visibility services, and standard 24x7 support.

However, if you have any advanced security concerns, as many organizations now do with threats like ransomware on the rise, we offer the Total Security Suite. The Total Security Suite provides access to our full portfolio of security services, advanced visibility and management capabilities, as well as Gold level 24x7 support.

Step 3 – Add Secure Wi-Fi to Your Business

Wi-Fi is so commonplace that not offering it is becoming a detriment to many businesses around the globe. When it comes to offering Wi-Fi you need to make sure you are protecting yourself, your employees, your customers, and your sensitive business information. WatchGuard offers a variety of Secure Wi-Fi solutions, all of which provide the highest levels of security available on the market today. Whether you select the built-in Wi-Fi features of our tabletop network security appliances or choose to build a larger Wi-Fi network with our cloud-managed Access Points, WatchGuard has everything you need to deliver fast, safe, feature-rich Wi-Fi.

Built-in Wi-Fi – Ideal for small environments where the main use case will be for employees and business tasks, our T10, T30, and T50 tabletop network security appliances all come with Wi-Fi radios built in. Explore our tabletop appliances now.

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi – Ideal for larger environments, or locations where the use cases include guest W-Fi and Wi-Fi-based Point-of-Sale (POS) tasks, WatchGuard offers a broad range of stand-alone Access Points. All Access Points are centrally managed and integrate directly with our Firebox appliances to keep your Wi-Fi network safe.

Step 4 – Select a WatchGuardONE Certified Reseller

WatchGuard has the industry’s largest network of value-added resellers and service providers. To get started visit our website to find the best Partner for your business, or opt to contact us directly and we will answer any questions you may have and get you set up with the perfect Partner for your requirements.

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